Forgiveness – Part 2 – Freedom Through God’s Forgiveness

In Part 1 of this Forgiveness series, I shared some benefits of forgiveness as well as one of my personal stories of forgiving another person. This article looks at how God’s forgiveness frees us up from the yick & muck we get trapped in and move forward in his light & love. Waiting With Open Arms How many times have you felt paralyzed or less than/not good enough because of things you did or ‘should’ve done’? Has the guilt, shame, regret – humiliation even – held you back from doing something amazing or from being the person God is calling

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Benefits of Forgiveness – Part 1 – Free Yourself From the Burden

We’ve heard it time and again from every source imaginable, forgive one another. It’s all throughout the Bible and is an essential practice in every religion I’ve ever studied. Jesus calls us to forgive not 7 times, but 77 times. But why? What really happens with forgiveness? How does it benefit us? Can one really find freedom through forgiveness? And how can we make it a routine part of our lives? I’ll not only answer these questions, but I’ll also share some of my own forgiveness stories in this series on one of God’s greatest gifts. So What is the

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How to Use Journaling When You’re Frozen in Fear

Do you ever get overwhelmed or find yourself checking the weather every hour (or more) when a snow storm is heading your way? I know I do. Fears, doubts, uncertainties crop up, hijacking my thoughts & emotions. Wasting several hours, worrying about & checking on the storm prevents me from being as productive as I want to be. I’ll walk you through the process I use to help nip those fears in the bud and help me move past the fears that keep me frozen in place. Tensions Mount They’ve been predicting snow for several days now. A few days

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Letting Christ Light Up Your Life!

Merry Christmas! While I know a lot of people are already packing up their holiday decorations, the Christmas Season technically just started! This year, in particular, may be difficult to feel any holiday joy, with so much darkness that has eclipsed 2020. But, I’m choosing to focus on the light. The Light of Love, Christ –and how he’s lighting up my life. When we focus on the positive, it’s so much easier to make healthier choices. We eat better, move our bodies more and don’t let stress cause dis-ease in us. (For more on this you can read my post

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Give Yourself the Gift of Time with God this Year

It seems like every year it’s the same.  We really want to slow down, take some time to reflect, prepare our hearts for Christmas, but we never really seem to find the time.  We sit down with a plate full of food at Thanksgiving with a sigh of relief, and then rush around like a chicken with our heads cut off until Christmas.  Meeting expectations.  Filling everyone’s stockings but our own.   This year, more than ever, we need to slow down.  We need to take time to connect with God in a meaningful way.  To open our hearts, let go

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Best Ways to Exercise Outside This Fall

The days are shorter, leaves are starting to turn and there’s a chill in the air. Fall is here! Cooler autumn days are an invitation to get outside, enjoy the abundant color and move our bodies. Spending time outside, surrounded by many forms of God’s creation also has health benefits and can help us move forward with our health goals. Here are my favorite ways to move my body outdoors during this season of change. Walking Walking is one of the easiest and best ways to move our bodies. You only need a decent pair of shoes and to make

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Zucchini Recipes Everyone Will Love!

One way to move forward with self-care is to eat well. The easiest way I’ve found to eat well is to enjoy protein and vegetables over a bed of lettuce. While I do that almost daily, sometimes I miss the texture of potatoes or pasta and zucchini fills that need perfectly. I don’t promote one way of eating over another, (i.e. keto vs vegan), but I do feel most people eat way too much sugar & starch. Namely pop, potatoes, processed foods & pasta. These foods taste good, fill us up and keep us alive, but tend to wreck havoc

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2020 – The Year for Self-Care

Self-care. We all need it. Yet, few of us really make time for it. Me included. The funny thing is, when we don’t take time for self care, things tend to happen that make us take the time to take care of ourselves. I’ve come to believe, that’s what 2020 is all about. With COVID, renewed awareness of racial disparities & rioting, polarized politics, and the natural disasters, like when our acreage caught the northern edge of the derecho that tore through the Midwest on August 10, 2020, we need self-care more than ever. Ask, and ye shall receive I’ve

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Finding Freedom in Praying Often, Eating Well & Moving More

July’s theme is Freedom. When I think of Freedom, many things come to mind. Obviously, I think of the 4th of July and the birth of our nation as we declared our independence over 200 years ago. (Not forgetting changes we still need to make to ensure freedom for all.) I also think of the Freedom we find when we fuel and move our body, mind and spirit according to God’s design by praying often eating well and moving more. Finding Freedom in Food Earlier this month, I ran a free Eat Well to Feel Well 5 Day Challenge in

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