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for women who want to
rejuvenate their life through

Praying Often

 Whether it’s taking time in the morning or finishing your day with prayer, it’s Julie’s signature introduction to helping you strengthen your relationship with the Lord and feel your best again. 

Eating Well

Whether you’re challenges with a chronic disease or looking to get more energy back, Julie can help you make nourishing your body simple and enjoyable.         

Moving More

When you move, you feel good and learning what works for you is crucial to your success. Julie knows how to get you moving the way that works best for your lifestyle.

About Julie

Julie Grunklee is a Registered Nurse and a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She is passionate about transforming people’s health by empowering them to pray often, eat well and move more. She’s learned first-hand the power these habits had to transform her own life and the lives of her clients.

"Julie brings a bright spot of sunshine to my day!"
Margo D.

Work With Julie

Julie Grunklee | Pray. Eat. Move. Program

JOIN THE PRAY. EAT. MOVE. Transforming you!

Ready to start the next chapter of your life with vitality, rejuvenation, and grace? During this online group program, you’ll get access to key activities that will help you feel like the best of your life is just beginning, all with a community of other women who are there to support you and lift you up along the way. 


The inspiration and daily prompts you need to make the Pray. Eat. Move. routine part of your daily life. This journal is thoughtfully created and designed by Julie and her team to accompany Julie’s upcoming 12-Week program, Pray. Eat. Move. Transforming YOU! or as a stand-alone for your own daily practice.

Julie Grunklee | Private Coaching


Julie offers a limited amount of 1-on-1 coaching clients that want to work with her on a more private and personal level. Private coaching pairs wells along side any of Julie’s on-line programs, or as a way to continue your grow and deepen your daily practice after completing a program. 


Contact Julie about speaking at your next event. Julie is available for in person and virtual speaking opportunities. 

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In just a few minutes a day you can lower your stress, strengthen your ties to God & start transforming your health to live the happy, active, vibrant life God is calling you to!

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Julie is an absolutely joy to work with. She is inspirational and her passion for your well-being shines through when talks to you. Her compassion and motivation gives you the nudge you need to get started and then she breaks it all down into manageable and simple steps that make it easy to create a real, lasting, transformation for better health. Schedule a time to talk to Julie - it will be time well spent!
Jen W.

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