So what do you do with all the free zucchini everyone is trying to give you, but you are sick of making bread?

Zucchini is such a versatile vegetable.

-Adding zucchini is a great way to stretch out dishes without adding calories or a lot of cost.

-It has virtually little to no flavor, absorbing the flavor of the other items surrounding it (that’s why it works so well for savory and sweet dishes!)

-Can be cut into a variety of ways such as boats, shredded, sliced, cubed, minced (I like to use my food chopper for this), spiraled, etc., etc.

This recipe can be modified to substitute alfredo sauce, pizza sauce, salsa or another sauce that mixes well with meat instead of the spaghetti sauce.

Instead of boats, the zucchini could be cut, sliced, diced, minced or spiraled to make like a goulash instead of pizza boat.  Enjoy!

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