This past weekend, we celebrated Christmas with my family in Western Iowa.  We were also able to celebrate my parents’ 45th wedding anniversary.   While the weather was less than what I would call “pleasant” with highs below zero, the atmosphere, company, food and memories were warm & cozy.

We made traditional holiday foods like turkey, mashed potatoes (from Mom & Dad’s garden), gravy, stuffing, sweet corn (also grown on Mom & Dad’s place), buns, cherry cheesecake and Mom’s Christmas Candies.  There were a few other foods added as well like sweet potatoes & brussels sprouts from our garden with my sister-in-law bringing meatballs and queso dip.  No one went away hungry.

Along with the food, many memories were shared and made.  Among them, we talked about my parent’s wedding 45 years ago.  The church was still decorated for Christmas and the nativity scene is the background for their wedding photo.  My mom borrowed her older sister’s wedding gown, and my dad looks like he’s holding the most precious treasure in all the world.

They shared how the girls of the wedding party all stayed at my mom’s parents-along with the other children living in their 4 bedroom farm home.   My dad & the guys stayed at a hotel in the neighboring town.  They also said it snowed, but many people still attended.

warm winter memories

Reminiscing with Grandma & Grandpa’s coffee cup.

This is a coffee cup from my my mom’s parents and my parents now have it.  I could just imagine Grandma in their kitchen on that cold December morning, making sure everyone had something to eat before heading into town for the big event as she was sipping on coffee from this cup.

I also remember sitting around Grandma & Grandpa’s kitchen table as my parents and grandparents shared a pot of hot coffee (brewed in a Mr. Coffee coffee pot) in these cups.  My mom’s younger sisters always passed on the rich smelling brew, stating they weren’t old enough to drink coffee yet.

Over the years, my husband & I have grown fond of strong coffee, while my parents like a weaker brew.  Even though we disagreed on how many scoops to use per pot, we all enjoyed sitting around the table and reminiscing about their wedding, past holidays, and other winter memories–while letting the dark liquid warm us up on the bitterly cold mornings.

As I sat around my parents’ kitchen table drinking coffee from this cup, I felt a surge of love & warmth thinking about how hard my grandparents worked to make a happy home for their 9 children.  I am grateful my parents have done the same over the last 45 years, and I hope they will have many more happy years together.

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  1. Audrey Behrens

    Happy Anniversary Mel and Kathy. I remember going to the Wedding. We had to get back home as
    I had two little ones at home. Jeff was 18 months and Dan was just a month old. We left early and drove in nasty weather and later it got better if I remember right.
    Jerry and Jill’s Wedding was last weekend and it was a nice day considering the weather we had and now. It is always a memorable time when family gets together. We missed Mel and Kathy and hope Mel is feeling better. Love you all! Audrey

    • admin

      Congratulations to Jerry & Jill! How exciting! It is fun to look back on those special days-especially as new memories are created. Weaving us all together. Wishing them all the best as they start their new life together.


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