Staying Warm with Blankets and Rosemarried Carrots & Peas

vegetables in glass dish

Blanket of Snow


New blanket of snow

Welcome to Winter in Iowa!  Across the state we’ve got blankets of snow & ice, as the temps have stayed well below zero.  I don’t mind a snow day every now and again.  It’s like permission to cozy up under a special blanket and do something for me–read, watch a movie or take a nap.  I’ve been blessed with several hand-made blankets made by several special people to choose from.


Some of our handmade blankets, each one with it’s own story.

My mom is an avid quilter.  Like her mother-in-law, she always has a sewing project in the works–usually a quilt for someone in the family.  Dad helps her lay the huge fabric sheets and batting on the livingroom floor to be pinned together.  He also opens the oversized safety pins, speeding the process up.

Quilts Made with Love


King-sized quilt my mom made me with fabric scraps from my childhood.

I love the one she made for me!  So many warm memories of my childhood in the fabric squares.  I recognize patches of one of my favorite shirts of all time that Mom made for me (I actually wore it 2 years in a row for school pictures!)  There’s even fabric of Barbie Doll clothes Mom made for my sister and I over 35 years ago!  All stitched together with love.

Last year when I was sick (probably influenza B that was going around over spring break), I remember snuggling up under it and feeling Mom’s love wrapped around me.  The warmth and love comforted me as I rested and let my body heal.

Restoring a Family Treasure

Fabric book

Busy Book my mom made for my children. It was well used and loved throughout the years!

She’s working on making a quilt for all her grandchildren and has made a baby blanket and Busy Book for her great grandson.  One special project she took on was repairing a quilt my grandma, her mother-in-law, made several decades ago.  It is a crazy quilt, with no pattern, made of bright, jewel-colored scrap velvet fabric (probably dresses she made for herself and my dad’s older sisters) and stiched together.

No doubt, Grandma made hundreds of blankets in her 94 years.  But this blanket was the favorite for most, if not all her children.  It has a satiny edge and was heavy and warm–good for snuggling under.  Unfortunately, some of the velvet was worn through and it was in need of repair.


Crazy Quilt made by Sabina Sporrer, resotred by Kathy Sporrer

Mom consulted with other family members to see what could be done.  She used one of the bridesmaid’s dresses from her & Dad’s wedding as well as some bright blue fabric from Aunt Audrey, Dad’s sister, to patch over the worn pieces.  She found similar thread and used the same stitch to connect the new pieces to the originals.  The result was an amazing work of art and preserved family treasure.

Peas, Carrots & Rosemary

How does this all tie into peas, carrots and rosemary?  Well, as you know, I like to feel good, I like my food to taste good, and I don’t like taking a lot of time to make it happen.

carrots and peas

Carrots and peas

Peas and carrots sounded good the other day, but I wanted to jazz it up a little.  Peering into the spice cupboard, I decided on rosemary and dill weed (the leaves-not the seeds used in pickling).

Seeing the stick-like herbs lying on the brightly colored vegetables,  I was immediately reminded of the blanket Grandma created and Mom restored.  The rosemary and dill resembling the stiches against the fabric on the quilt.  Not only did the sight warm my heart, but the taste was out of this world!

vegetables in glass dish

Rosemarried Carrots and Peas

Discovering this new flavorite side dish, I am excited to share it.  It’s also super simple, like so many recipes you’ll find here.  Pair it with some meat (brats, chicken or chops that can be baked in the oven at the same time) and you have a warm, comforting meal before snuggling up under your favorite blanket.


Rosemarried carrots peas recipe

Rosemarried Carrots and Peas Recipe

Do you have a favorite blanket?  Or memory of one?  I’d love to hear your story in the comments!



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