Delightful End to the Day

I love sunsets (and sunrises)!  The colors mezmerize me as I gaze in awe of just how great and wonderous God really is.  When I first whipped up these beets, carrots & onions, I tried thinking of a catchy name.  One that really captures both, the vibrant colors and the explosion of flavors, too.  I immediately thought of our gorgeous Iowa sunsets (and sunrises).

I never tire watching the sun peak up or sink below the horizion.  No two are exactly the same.  I’ve been known to drop a conversation and fill up data files to observe and capture this breath-taking phenomena.  Living on an acreage, I am blessed to experience this brilliant canvas unfold on a regular basis.  Wheather permitting, I like to sit outside and soak it in.  During those sub-zero winter days, I can also view it from inside my cozy home.  Watching the sky change colors as the sun moves, I feel centered, balanced and grounded–really feeling God’s prescence in my life.  He’s given us so many things to make us happy & healthy-like sunsets, beets & carrots!

Health Benefits

Root vegetables like beets, carrots and onions are considered very nourishing and warming.  Savoring each bite of Sunset Delight, I feel the warmth permiate and nourish me.  Beets are well-known for a variety of health benefits.  A study, published in 2016, found cooked beets and raw beet juice improved blood flow as well as lowered blood pressure, cholesterol and overall inflammation throughout the body.  (1)  As one who struggles with poor circulation–I’d rather eat some delicious beets a few times a week than suffer from cold hands & feet.

Carrots are recognized for their high Vitamin A content.  Vitamin A is creditied for eye and skin health, particularly for protection against macular degeneration (2).  Special vitamins and minerals found in carrots have been proven to lower cholesterol and help digest fats (3).   The beta-carotene in carrots (what give them thier bright orange color) boosts the immune sytsem as well as decreases inflammation, which is at the heart of many diseases, including many cancers.

beets, carrots & onions in a pan

Sunset Delight-Simple, yet full of vibrant colors & taste!

Most root vegetables, like beets and carrots, are a little higher in natural sugar than some of their above-ground counterparts.  However, they don’t tend to spike blood sugars as much as sugars & ultra-proccessed grains do.  It’s those spikes that cause our energy to soar and then suddenly crash, leaving us hungry, irritable and searching for more sugar.

Many people, who’ve never had beets, tried this recipe at the Waterloo Urban Farmer’s Market and the Cedar Falls Farmers Market over the last few weeks.  They were surprised to find out they really like beets!  This mixture is a suprisingly sweet treat all on its own.  Sunset Delight not only tastes good but is simple to make and good for you, too!



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