Roasted Root Medley Made with Grandma’s Love


Some people like comfort foods, like a piece of sweet, rich, chewy pecan pie or cheesy, gooey potatoes.  While those foods are good, I love root vegetables-especially roasted. Nature’s own comfort foods, they are earthy and packed with nourishing vitamins and minerals.  Roasting root vegetables enhances their mild sweetness and provides that chewy texture we tend to associate with comfort foods.

This time of year, when root vegetables are plentiful, I tend to make them 2-3 times a week.  I like to use my own or locally grown food as much as possible and was able to use beets we canned from our garden.

As I was thinking how to prepare these vegetables, I thought of my wavy vegetable slicer that belonged to my Grandma.  Granted, the chef’s knife I usually use also belonged to her, but I felt the wavy slices would add a special touch to the dish.  Even though I don’t remember her using it, I can feel her love every time I use it.

Grandmas wavy slicer

All of my grandparents were amazing, resilient people with deep roots in agriculture.  Each having their own special talents.  My grandma, whom this wavy slicer belonged to was the most talented seamstress I knew.  She could create any thing with needle and thread and used up every scrap of fabric she had.  Cooking on the other hand…well, let’s just say it was not her forte.  No one ever went hungry and she selflessly made sure of that.  But, she would rather spend time working with fabric.

All cut up and ready for the oven

It seems that I am the opposite.  I can sew, but would rather be in the kitchen cooking up something delicious to eat. Everything Grandma made, she made with love and kept very little for herself.  So I try to carry on the tradition, but with food instead of fabric.

Roasted Rooted Medley-Enjoy!

What are some ways you think about your grandparents in your kitchen?

Rooted Medley

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