I do like to use the oven.  It saves time in so many ways:

  • You can do other things like set the table, catch up with your family, go through the mail, clean, exercise, some things in the garden, relax, read the paper-all kinds of things if you set the timer to check it.
  • Clean-up is a snap.  You don’t have spatters all over the stove, counter, etc.  You can even get a jump-start on supper clean-up while its cooking.  That will only leave the table dishes & the pan left to clean at the end.
  • You can easily make enough to have leftovers the next day for lunch or even double the recipe to freeze the extras for another day.

I also like to roast or bake vegetables at a higher temperature.  It makes them a little sweeter, and when they get that touch of brown crunch to them-Yum!

Cauliflower as with other vegetables like it are ideal for roasting.  If you’re trying eat more vegetables, but have never been a fan of them, try roasting them-with bacon (See Bacon Leftovers), just put bacon over the top before putting the pan in the oven.  Cheese is also another great way to try new vegetables.  I, of course like to add onions to everything-they just add such good flavor to anything!  Enjoy!


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