Roasted Root Medley Made with Grandma’s Love

Some people like comfort foods, like a piece of sweet, rich, chewy pecan pie or cheesy, gooey potatoes.  While those foods are good, I love root vegetables-especially roasted. Nature’s own comfort foods, they are earthy and packed with

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Winter Squash

‘Tis the time of year when gardens are all but finished and winter squash is plentiful.  I wasn’t really introduced to winter squash until after I was married.  My mother-in-law

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Italian Cucumber Salad

I have many people asking me different ways to use the two things coming out of everyone’s ears right now-cucumbers & tomatoes. Here’s a recipe that has a little different twist

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Roasted Cauliflower

I do like to use the oven.  It saves time in so many ways: You can do other things like set the table, catch up with your family, go through the mail, clean, exercise,

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Coconut Fish

I like fish-a LOT.  I remember growing up, my parents would take our family fishing quite often.  When we came home, Dad would clean, bread & fry up the bluegill, bass or whatever we caught.  Mom would have a side dish to go with it (maybe) and it was the best meal!

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