Braised Radish Salad

Have you ever eaten cooked radishes? I’m always up for a new recipe. Especially if it uses real, whole food, has very few ingredients, is simple to do and is versatile. But cooked radishes? Really? Read on to learn just how delicious and versatile radishes can be.

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Zucchini Recipes Everyone Will Love!

One way to move forward with self-care is to eat well. The easiest way I’ve found to eat well is to enjoy protein and vegetables over a bed of lettuce. While I do that almost daily, sometimes I miss the texture of potatoes or pasta and zucchini fills that need perfectly. I don’t promote one way of eating over another, (i.e. keto vs vegan), but I do feel most people eat way too much sugar & starch. Namely pop, potatoes, processed foods & pasta. These foods taste good, fill us up and keep us alive, but tend to wreck havoc

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Open to Change by Eating Seasonally

May’s theme is all about being open. Flowers are opening up, on Mother’s Day we were reminded of how Mary’s openness to God let him change not only her world, but the entire world – forever! Participants of the 6-week Pray. Eat. Move. Transforming YOU! Program are in week 4 and it’s all about Eating Well. So I thought it would be a good time to share about how easy it is to be open to changing our food choices by eating seasonally. Some of you may still be wondering why I don’t offer a ‘1.2.3. just eat this’ or

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Gluten Free Bread & the Gluten Free Craze

My daughter, Amanda, works at Hansen’s Dairy in Cedar Falls. She said a regular customer came in asking if they carried any gluten-free bread. She replied that they do not carry any, but I had a recipe for the best gluten-free bread she’s ever had. Growing up with me as a mom, she had the opportunity to try several kinds!)  I told Amanda I’d share the recipe on my website to make it easy for anyone to access. Now, I admit, there is a gluten-free craze going on as well as a dairy, egg, nightshade, lectin, meat, sugar-free, etc., too. Yes,

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Gaudete Sunday-Rejoicing in Holiday Food Choices

(Hint: It’s not sugar) I seem to do it every year. Sometimes more than once a year. And usually this time of year. You’d think after a decade, I’d just not do it. But, I’m human. And sugar is soooooo addictive. Yep, you heard me right-addictive. Just like alcohol, nicotine and meth. There are some studies that suggest sugar is just as or even more addictive than cocaine. While I can’t attest to the nicotine, meth or cocaine, I do have experience in breaking the glass of wine (or 2) every evening habit. And the sugar lesson….. Let’s just say

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Heaven on Earth-Delightful Iowa Sunsets

Spotting the orange out the kitchen window, I swiped my phone off the counter and bolted for the backdoor. Then it happened. Tears welled up in my eyes as my heart opened to receive the overwhelming JOY God was showering on me. The sky was this amazing, awesome pinkish, orange set against contrasting blues and dark grays. And God placed me here, blessing me with his beauty. A glimpse of heaven, right here, right now in this rural Iowa sunset. I’m not always a huge fan of Iowa weather, especially the bitter cold and snow in the winter. As a

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sunset on the lake

Saints, Souls and Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

Wow! It’s November 1st already! Here in Grundy County, Iowa we’ve had our 1st snowfall and Christians across the globe are celebrating All Saints Day, All Souls Day and the Day of the Dead. The garden is all but done. All reminders that life is full of seasons, each one having its own beauty, its own significance, its own way to to pray often, eat well & move more. Growing up, these church holidays were always marked with extra church services and a chance to learn more about the saints–especially a favorite or patron saint. Mine is St. Ann, Mary’s

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Switching up Cucumber Salad with Sour Cream

It’s that time of year. Gardens are abundant with cucumbers, zucchini, green beans and soon-tomatoes. People are always asking me what I do with these vegetables to break up the monotony and not eat the same thing day after day. I’m one of those cooks who rarely follows a recipe anymore–taking my dad’s advice to dump, add, mix & pour. I’ve taken this approach as I write the recipe for our local dairy’s e-Moosletter. The results are usually pretty good, and even though I can’t personally taste test it (dairy doesn’t agree with me), my husband loves being the guinea

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apple blossoms

Announcing Spring: Change is Coming

Spring Cantatas and Apple Tree Memories Over the last few days, I’ve noticed God is announcing Spring with resounding trumpets.  The beautiful songs of the red-winged black birds, robins and mourning doves are gracing my mornings with their melodies.  It’s a welcome change, announcing more changes are coming.  The days are getting longer and warmer, the snow is melting, and our gravel road is as muddy and rutty as any in the developing countries I’ve been in.  The seasons are changing. We’re getting ready to embrace new life in both the earth as well as spiritually during lent. Yes, Spring

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Rainbow blanket on brown couch

Rainbows of God’s Goodness

I was hoping for more blankets of sunshine or at the very least sundogs, but we’ve had ice and thick blankets of snow instead.  As I’m writing, the wind is creating whipped cream-like drifts out of the 9+ inches of snow we received over the last few days.  A good day to think about wrapping ourselves in God’s goodness-like rainbows. 

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