Quieting the Mind with Guided Meditations

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“I’ve got too many things on my mind to even think about quiet prayer time with God!” This is a common theme I hear as I ask my clients about their prayer habits. And it used to be true for me too. Over the years, with intentional practice, I’ve been able to quiet my mind down enough to have a few quiet moments with God every day. My favorite time is at sunrise or sunset. Guided meditations have been instrumental in giving me a reprieve from my racing thoughts, allowing my mind to tune into God and his peace.

Quieting that constant chatter, the to-do list, and everything else running through our minds is tough. God gifted us with a mind and the ability to think so we can take care of ourselves. But our non-stop thoughts sometimes (OK, many times) get in the way of our connection to him, others and the world we live in. Guided mediations paint a picture in our mind. Giving us something serene to focus on, letting our minds quiet down and receive God’s peace.

I’ve created several guided mediations to help my clients (and me) retreat inward, finding that peaceful place where we can easily connect to God. I like to place God, Jesus or the Spirit in the center of my meditations. Or at least place others in a peaceful place so they can easily find our Lord there. For some, this time with God is a much needed reprieve from the tension in their back, neck, shoulders and lives.

My front step view August 12, 2019.

The last few mornings have been foggy here-perfect inspiration for a guided meditation. I hope you find peace in it as you enjoy the journey!

Guided Meditation: Being Still in the Pink Fog

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  1. Halley Sukhu says:

    This article is a source of inspiration for me, it helps me a lot in sleep problems.

    Thanks, keep it up!

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