My dad called last night. I love our conversations. I always feel special when I learn something new or we chuckle over memories of days gone by. He was curious about how much rain we received and to catch up over the last week. Recounting his day with mom, he shared it was National Pizza Day. It brought a smile to my face-and inspiration for this post. Who doesn’t love pizza? And there are so many ways to enjoy pizza, meat, veggies, fruit, breakfast, cheese, dessert…. The possibilities are endless!

Growing up, I remember the frozen party pizzas with the packets of fennel that we had once in a great while with 7-Up pop. I also remember making home-made pizza with Jiffy Pizza Crust mix and topped with American Cheese slices. And the bubble-gum pizza our neighbor lady made using at least 1 pound of gooey mozzarella cheese. I also remember thinking we were hot stuff when we actually ate at Pizza Hut as eating out was a rarity in itself.

Experimenting with Pizza

Over the years, pizza has been a regular meal in our home. From the party pizzas to home-made stuffed crust to banana pizzas. We’ve enjoyed them all. Pizza was one thing I really missed as I uncovered the foods my body wasn’t liking (allergies and sensitivities.) Most people think of pizza as junk food. However, it doesn’t have to be. Home-made pizza doesn’t have to be difficult, either. It can be a pre-made crust or soft tortilla shells topped with meat and/or veggies and/or cheese.

I’ve found ways to enjoy this favorite food using a crust made from amaranth and chick pea flours mixed with herbs and water. I also don’t use the traditional tomato sauce, but rather, load the crust up with whatever meat & veggies sound good to me. Many times, I use leftovers and top it with cheese (dairy-free for me). YUM! This one was fresh-picked asparagus and leftover pork roast. Simple, inexpensive, nutritious and most of all delicious!

Pork roast asparagus pizza. Left-my husbands made with real cheese. Right-mine with dairy-free cheese.

What’s your favorite pizza?

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