As an RN, I’ve been wanting to do some posts on different health topics as well as providing you with some solid information to help the healthy choice be the easy choice for you.  Many people ask me, “What do you eat? How do you eat?  What do you cook?” and then “How do you cook?”  I generally start with “I don’t necessarily like to cook, but I like to feel good and I like my food to taste good.” 

I have several food allergies and intolerances/sensitivities.  Yes, there is a difference, but I’ll save that explanation for another day.  It has been through these challenges, I started cooking with real, whole food instead of opening a box, adding water & heating.  Getting back to the basics of food, I’ve discovered just how good my body can feel.  It also warms my heart to make something simple that bursts with flavor and is good for me.

Over the years, I’ve learned how to cook simply, quickly and inexpensively. I also started to realize just how important our connection to food is.  We eat every day.  Several times a day.  Why not make each meal a meaningful experience?  Why not think about the hands that transformed it from a seed to the delectable morsels on your plate?

“If I could just show how easy & delicious eating real whole food can be…”

After I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Community Health Education, I knew I did not want to go back into traditional nursing.  I want to help prevent disease, not just treat it.  As an RN and Health Coach, I really started thinking about what I was going to do.  I got to thinking, If I could show people just how easy and delicious eating real whole food can be, then I could help prevent a lot of suffering related to food choices.

Good Food Connections was born out of my desire to share simple cooking techniques with as many people as possible.  The other part of my mission is to really connect people to the food they eat.  Create and foster relationships revolving around food.  Where does your food come from?  Who took the time to produce it?  To sell it to you?  To cook it?  Are there fond memories of that food?  What nutritional value does it hold?  What is the story behind it?

As an RN, I hold a deep desire to help others achieve a higher level of well-being through the food they eat.  That’s not to say other aspects of wellness are not important, but as the age-old saying goes, “You are what you eat.”  My hope is to help you discover just how easy, tasty and low-cost eating real, whole food can be.  I want to give you another reason to choose healthier food options.  Not just because they are “healthy,” but because they are delicious and don’t break the bank.

More importantly, because these recipes make you smile when you take that 1st  bite.   They allow you to spend more time with your family or doing things that make you happy.  They allow you to make connections and positive relationships.  They hit that sweet spot that keep you coming back for more.


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