Memorial Day-Remembering Our Veterans


There’s a part of me that wishes I were somewhere else today.  While my husband & I are getting a lot of repairs done around our acreage, I’m missing a service that means a lot to me-Portsmouth, Iowa’s American Legion mass & Memorial Day services.

Dad raising St. Mary’s Cemetery flags at daybreak, Memorial Day 2017

My parents have been active American Legion & Legion Auxiliary members.  Dad participates in several military funerals every year, but the Memorial Day services by the Legion post hold a special place in my heart.  For the last 20 years or so, Dad has called the roll for the veterans buried in St. Mary’s cemetery as well as the Cass Township cemetery.  Every year when I hear him call out the names of those men & women who have passed before me, especially my grandpa’s name, tears sting my eyes.

Here is a Facebook post with pictures I put up last year that sums it up nicely.

Dad calling the roll at St. Mary’s Cemetery, Memorial Day, 2017

Another beautiful Memorial Day in Portsmouth, IA. What an honor to help raise the flags with a 50 yr American Legion member, my dad, Mel Sporrer every day this weekend.

He has always been an active Legion member, ever since I can remember as a little girl when we lived in Coon Rapids in the late 70s. He puts in extra effort to make this day special for all those who have served, fallen or are still with us today-as well as all of us who honor and remember them. His voice calling the roll of veterans gone before us has called those names for over 20 years now, and I never tire of hearing it. He always does a great job.

Some of Portsmouth’s American Legion Post members, Memorial Day, 2017

Mom, Kathy Sporrer does her part as well as an Auxiliary member. I got to help her hand out poppies before mass at St. Mary’s Our Lady Of Fatima the last two days.

Mom & Dad holding the Valor quilt Mom made Dad (with design help from my niece), Memorial Day, 2017

These two special people have taught me that freedom is not free. I am ever thankful to those men & women who served, are currently serving, and those who will serve our country to defend this precious gift-as well as their loved ones who support them. Thanks Mom & Dad. I am proud to be your daughter.

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  1. Aunt Leona says:

    Beautifully said Julie. The Portmouth American Legion has given me many wonderful menories. Your mom and dad, Grandpa, Grandma, our aunt’s and uncles, great aunt’s and great uncles, and cousin’s and my niece and nephew are now serving. We have been blessed we have not lost any while they were serving. We thank all for their service and for those whose kept the home fires burning while they were gone!!

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Leona! I agree. We have been blessed, knowing so many family members and friends who have served and are serving. I am so thankful for all they and their support systems do to make sure our freedoms are protected.

  2. Loretta says:

    Very well said, Julie and Leona. I did not make it this year but enjoy it so much when I do get there. Thanx to all vets for their service- we owe them much.

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