Merry Christmas! While I know a lot of people are already packing up their holiday decorations, the Christmas Season technically just started! This year, in particular, may be difficult to feel any holiday joy, with so much darkness that has eclipsed 2020. But, I’m choosing to focus on the light. The Light of Love, Christ –and how he’s lighting up my life.

When we focus on the positive, it’s so much easier to make healthier choices. We eat better, move our bodies more and don’t let stress cause dis-ease in us. (For more on this you can read my post on Why Spirituality Needs to be Your #1 Healthy Habit.)

“The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; upon those who dwelt in the land of gloom a light has shone.” Isaiah 9:1

Sometimes we need to go into the darkness to see the light. To close our eyes and feel God’s arms wrapped around us. Or to sit in the darkness and imagine our arms wrapped around the newborn Jesus, Emmanuel – God is with us. Or to feel the Holy Spirit’s peace as we watch the sun’s rays peeking over the horizon, lighting the earth. To feel the love emanating from them, their unconditional, everlasting love lighting our way.

What if you could take the darkest days of the year and celebrate the Light of Love? Choosing to walk with God, seeing how he lights up your life. Just as God choose to walk with us, be with us, like us, as a human to light our way. That glimmer of hope that becomes total radiance the closer we get to God.

How is Christ Lighting Up Your Life Challenge!

I invite you to end 2020 and start 2021 on your terms. Whatever your situation, you can choose to see how Christ is lighting up your life. You can choose to let him in. Feel his love for you. Yes, you!

For the rest of the Christmas Season (until January 10th), I’m running a How is Christ Lighting Up Your Life Challenge! It’s free, festive and going to be so much FUN! Name one thing (person, place, thing, idea, event, or whatever) where you experienced Christ lighting up your life that day. It may be a social media post, an unexpected phone call, card, a scripture verse, seeing a cardinal, a song, whatever!

I’ll post something on Facebook (and maybe Instagram….although, I admit, I’m not on there as much) every day from now through January 10th. All you have to do is notice where Christ is lighting up your day, share that light in a comment or a post tagging me and then notice what happens!

I’m also running an awesometastic special combining my most popular coaching package and on line program! Invest in YOU! Im also adding a bonus personalized guided meditation! Click on the link below to find out more and take advantage of this special pricing before it expires!

May the Light of Love light up your life this holiday season as we enjoy the journey!

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