Strengthen Your Relationship with God This Lent Through Guided Meditation & Journaling

Are you feeling disconnected due to the lack of social connection over the last 2 years?

Looking to renew your connection
with God this season?

Join Julie for her Lenten Guided Meditation & Journaling Series!

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Finding Quality Time with God Can Be Difficult When You Feel Like You’re Being Pulled In Multiple Directions...

We live in a society that prizes productivity and women have been brought up to take care of everyone and everything but themselves.

Instead of giving up chocolate this year, what if you recommitted to spending time with God and taking care of yourself?

What if you could take a few minutes every day to quiet your racing thoughts and build fertile ground for Jesus to grow & flourish in your life?

Maybe You're Feeling...

  • Like there’s no time to really quiet your mind & reconnect with God due to your endless list of to-dos.
  • Like you can’t calm your racing thoughts for meaningful prayer.
  • Lonely or isolated due to no in-person church services or lenten programs this year.
  • Disappointed you won’t be able to carry out or participate in Lenten traditions due to COVID restrictions.
  • Overwhelmed by the idea of writing out your thoughts on paper.
Lenten Journey With Jesus

You Deserve Prayer & Devotional Time in Your Day.

Hello, I'm Julie!

I work with Christian women looking to improve their health and live the happy, active, vibrant life they really want and God really wants for them by helping them pray often, eat well & move more.

As a wife, mother, grandma, business owner and community member, I too, have a hard time quieting my body, mind & spirit. My racing thoughts can keep me from experiencing a true connection with God. Preventing me from experiencing God’s peace, love & joy.

As a gardener with a farming background, I understand the message Jesus was conveying in the parable of the Sower & the Seed as he stresses the importance of healthy, rich soil for a seed to let go of its current form, break open, grow, flourish and produce an abundant harvest.

Guided meditations and journaling were the keys that really helped me create rich, fertile ground to allow Christ to grow & flourish in my life.

Lenten Journey with Jesus | Julie Grunklee

What Would it be Like to...

  • Spend meaningful time in prayer with God this lent.
  • Give up something that will strengthen your relationship with God.
  • Be able to quiet your body, mind & spirit to truly connect with God.
  • Be a part of a community of like-minded Christian women in our Private Facebook Group
  • Let go of what prevents you from allowing Christ to grow and flourish in your life.
  • Arrive Easter Sunday with a heart full of rich soil to embrace the word of God with generosity and bear fruit.

Spend less than 15 minutes a day journeying alongside Jesus with guided meditations and daily devotional journaling prompts.


Lenten Journey with Jesus:
~ Creating Fertile Ground for New Life in Christ ~

Join Julie this Lenten Season for a Journey with Jesus, as you find new ways to quiet & calm your body, mind & spirit. This program is designed for busy Christian women, looking for a simple way to connect with God during Lent.

My *FREE* Version Includes..

3 Lenten Guided Meditations

One 5-7 minute Lenten Meditation

Lenten Journey With Jesus | Meditations

One 15 minute Lenten Meditation

Lenten Journey With Jesus | Meditations

One Holy Week Meditation

Lenten Journey With Jesus | Meditations

* 48 hour access to each weekly meditation
(lifetime access with the paid version)
* Daily Scripture Verse/Journaling Prompt
* Access to Julie's Private Facebook Group

Perfect for a Busy Schedule

Each day’s Meditation + Journal Prompt takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

Each week a new meditation will be released & will be available for 48 hours 
(or lifetime access with paid version).

Download meditations to any device and listen anywhere when you purchase the complete package!

How it Works


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Log into the Pray. Eat. Move Insiders membership center to enjoy your meditation, thoughts to ponder and journal prompts from Julie!


You will find support through access to Julie’s Pray. Eat. Move. Facebook Community, where you can respond to questions and talk to others about their experience.

Lenten Journey With Jesus | Meditations
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Lenten Journey with Jesus:
Creating Fertile Ground for New Life in Christ!

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But as for the seed that fell on rich soil, they are the ones who, when they have heard the word, embrace it with a generous and good heart, and bear fruit through perseverance.
Luke 8:15