Last Minute Preparations….What do You Still Need to Do?


Advent is only a week away! What last minute preparations do you still need to do to free up time during Advent so you can prepare your heart for Jesus at Christmas? Let’s take a look at a few things you can do yet this week to ensure you set aside a bit of time every day to connect with God in the next few weeks.

Whether or not you’ve been busy decorating, shopping, wrapping, getting cards ready, cooking, etc., or not, have you thought about preparing what you actually need to spend that quality time with God during Advent?

There’s still time if want to do a few more things on your to-do list that may include delegating or asking for help as well as meal prepping. But since we’re getting down to the wire, let’s explore a few last minute preparations you won’t want to forget about to help you ensure you take the time you need during Advent to prepare your heart for Christmas.

Preparing a Space

I spend some time in scripture and journal almost daily. If find it so much easier, welcoming and I actually look forward to it when I can do it in a comfy chair in my home office. It’s next to a south-facing window prepped with a blanket, my journal, pen, devotional and a pad of sticky notes (to jot down bits of inspiration) sitting next to it. An inviting space ready & waiting for me.

Many people have a prayer corner or special place in their home where they like to go to spend that special time with the Lord. Complete with bibles, devotionals, journals, candles, icons or other visual reminders of our Lord.

Preparing a space also cues our brains to engage in the intended activity. Hence why you think about food in your kitchen, relaxing in your living room or sleeping in your bedroom.

Are you joining us on the 21 Day Advent Challenge: Journey to Jesus or doing another podcast or on-line program? Do you have your phone, tablet, ear buds or whatever else you’ll need handy?

Do you like to use a special journal and/or pen to write with? Want a nativity scene set out? A candle? Advent wreath? What else do you need?

Create a space that’s as inviting as possible, making that time you want to spend preparing your heart something to look forward to. Which in turn, makes it easier to actually do.

Scheduled It

Yes, I’m asking you to actually set aside time every day by putting this on your calendar. You know how crazy this time of year can get. How many last minute get-togethers or other things crop up and derail the best of your intentions? Before you know it, 3, 4, 5 days have gone by and you haven’t spent the time with the Lord you intended to.

Ideally, you could use the same time every day. Morning, during your lunch hour, or before you go to bed. But if your schedule is anything like mine, that’s next to impossible and would feel totally discouraged if you couldn’t make it happen.

So et yourself up for success. Get your calendar out at least once a week & take a look at it. When can you spend that 15-30 minutes on any given day that week? Or maybe your schedule changes enough you need to look twice a week, or every day.

Block out that time & have fun with how this looks like in your calendar. Toss in some smiley faces, stars, Christmas trees, whatever will catch your attention & draw you to it.

Then guard that time. Make it as important as a meeting with your boss, or appointment with your doctor, dentist or massage therapist. Prioritize this time with the Lord as the most important thing you do that day and watch how the rest of your day unfolds.

Sign up TODAY!

Make sure you enroll for or purchase whatever program you’re using (if it’s a program). While I know many of you may be joining us on the 21 Day Journey to Jesus, maybe guided mediations aren’t your thing. Maybe you’d rather do a daily video series like Dynamic Catholic offers, or a written program or devotional.

There are bible studies, extra prayer services, and so many other amazing Advent resources out there. Just be sure you sign up for & know how to get into that program, if it’s on-line. As someone who creates these kinds of things, I am a firm believer in technology is awesometastic…. when it works.

If you’re still looking for a program, check out the 21 Journey to Jesus. It’s 21 days of short (5-7 minute) scripture-based guided meditations & journal prompts designed to help you quiet your mind & tune into God so you can prepare your heart for Jesus this Christmas. All in less than 15 minutes a day.

With the free version, a new mediation & journal prompt are released daily and you have unlimited access to it for 48 hours. With the Complete Journey to Jesus, you receive unlimited, lifetime access to all content plus 2 bonus meditations: Christmas & Epiphany. To listen to and use any time of year.

Click on the link below to learn more & register today.

Do you know of someone else who would like to join us? Share this link with them & invite them to sign up too!

What are you going to do over the next few days?

What other last minute things do you need/want to do yet? What is God calling you to do in the next week so you have time to truly tune into him during Advent? How are you going to make those things happen? 

Share with us in the comments below!

Even if you haven’t had much time to prepare, (or didn’t get as much done as you wanted to), I invite you to take some time over the next week and just thank God for all his blessings. 

Be present to how he’s moving & working in your life. Be present to the people around you, loved ones you don’t see often or you haven’t seen in years. 

Rejoice in the Lord & remember to enjoy the journey!

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