Goal Tips: 7 Tips to ensure you cross the line into health & well-being


Goals. It’s a huge buzz word in the self-improvement world and most of us (me included) think we don’t really need them to achieve the results we desire. The truth is, when we don’t have a target to aim at, how can we expect to hit it?

Most of us have big, overarching goals and that is awesometastic. But it’s the little goals we use to get there are just as important to think about, create and carry out. It’s these little goals, or steps that help us create the lasting habits that will, in turn, lead us to our over-arching goal. They help us focus & use our time intentionally, ensuring we will cross the line into health and well-being.

I do have a few guidelines I walk my clients through as they create the goals they’d like to work on.  These guidelines will set you up for quick success and ramp up the momentum to keep you moving forward.  

  1. Throughout this whole process, keep the 3 Biblical Truths in mind.  What is God calling you to do?  What are you being drawn to that would bring you lasting happiness, not just short-term pleasure.  I’m not saying you have to be perfect-none of us are!  But know that you are loved!  Loved so much God wants you to enjoy the active, productive life you desire and deserve! 
  2. Keep it simple-focus on 1 thing per category (pray, eat, move) or if that seems overwhelming, 1 thing in just 1 category.  Trying to do too many new things at once is too taxing on the system and you’re more apt to just throw your hands up in defeat.  Mastering 1 thing at a time gives you the strength, confidence and momentum to keep moving forward.  Like you’re being easily led forward instead of pushing yourself too hard. 
  3. What lights you up when you think about the subject?  What form of prayer, food choices, and body movement would you like to explore?
  4. Stretch just outside your comfort zone.  Aiming for something that is beyond the rainbow in one fell swoop is playing against the odds.  Not to say that big goal can’t be a long-term goal, but you finish a marathon one step at a time.  What’s one step in the right direction look like?
  5. Anticipate Barriers. Figure out what may crop up and prevent you from reaching your goals, aka your Barriers.  Now, I don’t want to focus on them, rather, be aware of them.  Are you planning a walk after work?  What if you don’t have the proper shoes/clothes with you? 
  6. Call on your supports and strengths to overcome your real and perceived barriers.  As you write your goal to walk after work, write a note to put your shoes/clothes in the car ASAP (not when you’re rushed in the morning.)  Does your spouse like to cook? Ask them to cook meals using food that supports your body. 
  7. Make it a Holy Moment.  As you’re carrying out your goal (on your walk, praying, eating well, etc), thank God for the opportunity to connect with him and take care of this temple he’s entrusted to you.  Feeling God’s joy and love keeps us coming back for more. 

Following these 7 Tips will go a long way to ensure you do cross that line into health and wellness. Sometimes we still need help figuring out what the best plan of action would be. That’s where coaching comes in. That partner to help you see a clear path that wil bet you from point A to B, easily and confidently.

As a certified health & wellness coach with over 20 years of nursing experience and personal insight into creating healthy habits that stick, I will partner with you, help you discover what your barriers are and help you find the best solution to overcome them-without all the overwhelm.

I am accepting new clients who are ready to improve their health as they strengthen their connection to God. Contact me at support@juliegrunklee.com to learn more and set up a free 20 minute discovery call.

Enjoy the journey!

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