Gluten Free Bread & the Gluten Free Craze


My daughter, Amanda, works at Hansen’s Dairy in Cedar Falls. She said a regular customer came in asking if they carried any gluten-free bread. She replied that they do not carry any, but I had a recipe for the best gluten-free bread she’s ever had. Growing up with me as a mom, she had the opportunity to try several kinds!)  I told Amanda I’d share the recipe on my website to make it easy for anyone to access.

This is a small loaf about 6 inches long. Notice the lumpy exterior but beautiful inside texture. Perfect for sandwiches, toast or grilled cheese!

Now, I admit, there is a gluten-free craze going on as well as a dairy, egg, nightshade, lectin, meat, sugar-free, etc., too. Yes, it can be life changing for some for some-and my body does well avoiding many of these. But that’s another post (or series of posts) I’ll save for another day.

If you’ve tried to make anything without regular wheat flour, you know you just can’t substitute another kind of flour cup-for-cup. The gluten is one thing that makes dough stretchy, pliable, and gives it substance. It takes a mix of other flours & starches to get that consistency, but the mix doesn’t always work well for all types of baked goods. In a effort to save time, money and my sanity, I purchased a cookbook filled with gluten-free recipes from all over Northeast Iowa Let’s Eat Gluten-Free.

I found this recipe, submitted by Kathy Scholz and found it to be my favorite. So much so, I sold quite a few loaves at the farmer’s markets (I’d start my baking day with gluten-free to prevent cross contamination with the other baked goods I made.) Now that I’m not selling these items, I’ve been sharing my recipes.

A couple things about this recipe to keep in mind:

  • The eggs need to be at room temperature (or the dough won’t rise well)
  • The water needs to be warm-not hot (100-105F)or it will kill the yeast & the dough won’t rise
  • You need 3 bowls (small, medium & large)
  • Don’t mess with the dry mix ingredients, unless you want to add dry herbs. You can’t just substitute any gluten-free flour or use all rice flour or all tapioca flour
  • Tapioca flour and starch are the same thing-but don’t use tapioca pearls like you would to make pudding
  • I’ve not tried using liquid milk in place of the dried milk & water, so I have no idea how it would turn out
  • A spoon or your hands wetted with water work great for shaping
  • Dough will be sticky
  • Let baked loaves/buns cool completely before removing from pan-or they will get smooshed
  • This freezes very well
  • Makes GREAT toast & grilled cheese
  • Keep refrigerated as it will spoil faster than store-bought bread
  • You could also make 4-5 small loaves (like in the picture)



While gluten-free, this is still bread. If all you’re doing is avoiding gluten, this is a great option. However, if you’re thinking you’re making a healthier food choice (and you don’t have an issue with gluten), that’s another story-for one of those other posts.

Have you been struggling with one or more food intolerances, allergies or sensitivities? Talked with a dietitian, but need more guidance on how to make it work in your life? Feeling restricted, isolated and chained to your food challenges?  I’ve got over a decade of personal experience dealing with several food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities. I know how to save time, money and energy in the kitchen, without sacrificing flavor or satisfaction. Email me at to set up a free consultation to see how I can help you find freedom in your food choices and help you enjoy the journey.

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