Freeing up Your Time-Justifying the Time for Body Movement


Is it hard to find the time to fit in daily body movement? Have you dove in & really asked yourself, “Why?”

We come up with all kinds of excuses, me included as to why we can’t move our bodies. One excuse that regularly pops up in my mind is that there’s no purpose to it. I just can’t justify taking the time some days. Or I feel guilty because that’s considered ‘free time,’ and I could be doing something more productive.

Maybe you get the guilts too when you spend time going to the gym, on a walk, bike ride, or doing an exercise class or video. Or get the guilts when you don’t!

Read on to learn about several strategies you can use to shift your mindset to make body movement a priority & ensure it happens (almost) daily.

The Long Run – Freeing My Future Self

God designed our bodies to move. As an RN, I’ve witnessed first-hand that our bodies just don’t work very well when we don’t take the time to move them. Things like blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and weight can creep up. Mood, sleep, patience and productivity can also take a dive in the wrong direction.

Research clearly shows body movement helps with all these things and more. Getting in to the habit of moving your body today can save you thousands of dollars down the road in doctor, pharmacy & hospital costs down the road. Not to mention time spent taking care of all those dis-eases.

Freeing up time for body movement today will also allow you to do the things you want to later in life, like travel, play with your grandchildren & great-grandchildren (or other young people in your life), volunteer in your church and community for decades after you retire.

Most people put money into a retirement fund during their working years so they have money to live on once they quit working. Think of daily body movement as putting time, money, health & quality of life into your future so you can continue to serve God & others without the burden of dis-ease. Giving body movement purpose in your life.

Now, I’m not saying body movement will guarantee a dis-ease free life, but I think all health care providers agree it’s foundational for good overall health & well-being.

Building Relationships

Another way to give body movement purpose is to use it to build relationships.

You can use it to build your relationship with God. Seeing the Holy Spirit at work in his creation either in nature or in the Temple he blessed you with. Notice him popping up to say, “Hi!” Spend some quiet time with the Lord as you move your body to offer your worries over to him or to just thank, love & praise him. Taking time to listen to him without the all the distractions of everyday life.

One member of the Private Pray. Eat. Move. Transforming YOU! Facebook Group likes to take morning walks while listening to & praying the rosary. A beautiful way to strengthen your relationship with the Lord.

You can also go for a walk or go to the gym with your spouse or a friend. Setting aside that special time to deepen your relationship, share in your victories & seek support when you need it.

Many businesses now practice walking meetings. They recognize that not only are you more productive & creative when you pump more oxygen & nutrients to your brain as you move your body, but getting a change of scenery also puts you in a different frame of mind. You can get to know your co-workers on a personal level and build camaraderie. It makes it much easier to come together to solve problems when you know others are on your side.

One of many ways you can multi-task while moving your body.

Productive Multi-Tasking

My grandpa said, “If you keep your hands busy, your mind will take care of itself.” There’s so much truth to this! A favorite strategy I use in the summertime is to move my body by doing chores around our acreage. I don’t know about you, but I love being outside in the summer as well as that feeling of satisfaction of a job well done and there’s no shortage of things needing to be done.

Weed eating, painting & repairing buildings, bailing hay, picking up sticks, landscaping, walking pastures for weeds and earlier this month (with help from family) we broke up our cement driveway to make way for a much needed new one. On rainy days I vacuum & mop the floors in the house.

I just need to make sure I communicate with My Favorite Handyman so he knows I want to help and I can plan my day accordingly.

You don’t have to live on an acreage to move your body with ‘productive’ chores either. You can volunteer at your church or other community organizations to weed the garden, wash windows or deep clean.

Do you have a neighbor or family member who needs yard work or house work done? Is there a Habitat for Humanity program looking for volunteers to help build a home?

Many of these things you can do when it fits into your schedule. Taking them in 30-60 minute chunks and making a big difference in the lives of others as well as doing something to help you live the happy, active, vibrant life God is calling you to.

Thoughts to Ponder (Journaling Prompts)

Are you someone who needs to ‘justify’ the time you spend moving your body? How can you shift your mindset & make it happen? Which way appeals to you most? Or maybe you’ve thought of a new one! How are you going to make it happen? Do you need to make a phone call or send an email or text?

I’d love for you to share more about it in the comments. Your comment may be the spark someone else needs to start moving their body on a regular basis and help us all enjoy the journey!

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