Trust. It’s been a tough 4 weeks for all of us. Change, quarantine & uncertainty shaking our routines up. Those routines we’ve come to trust, like work, school, family & friend gatherings, how we get food, how we move our bodies and how we pray. With it being Good Friday, I can’t help but think Jesus, the apostles and other disciples must’ve felt their trust waiver too-probably more so. As one to look for solutions, I am drawn to what Jesus did and how we can model his behavior during this time.


You may think, “What?!?! Jesus was brutally scourged, spat upon, mocked, forced to carry a heavy cross and then crucified! You’re nuts, lady!”

I’m not talking about that part, I’m talking about what Jesus actually did to cope with all of it. He prayed. He immediately turned to Love. He turned to God and all the love he felt for us. And God responded by sending Jesus Love along the way.

God Responds with Love

Pilate didn’t want to condemn him. Simon the Cyrenian helped him carry the heavy wood. Veronica wiped his face. The women were there crying out in protest and anguish. His mom was there at the foot of the cross. John was there. Mary Magdalene was there. His Aunt was there. Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus ensured he had a proper burial. His legs were not broken. The Roman guard’s eyes were opened.

Yet Jesus as his followers knew him, was gone. Just like anyone else who dies. And like all humans we miss that physical presence, because that’s how we’re used to knowing and loving others-through our physical senses. That’s the hard part of death-or quarantine-when we can’t express or receive love like we’re used to.

Back in Feburary, I wrote about the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. To sum it up, Chapman found 5 main ways people express or receive love:

  • Words of Affirmation-Good job! You’ve got this! Thank you!
  • Works of Service-doing things for others
  • Quality Time-just spending time together
  • Touch-hugs, handshakes, putting an arm around you
  • Gifts-big or small or anywhere in between

Changing How We Give & Receive Love

During this crazy time of uniting in solidarity by staying away from each other, we can forget how God is showing his love for us. Or what we can do to show love for ourselves and others. It’s much like the loss of a loved one, when we’re forced to learn how to give and receive love from them in different ways. That’s where strong ties to God can comfort us in ways we can’t imagine.

God didn’t spare Jesus a horrific death, but he did help make it more bearable. Not only did Jesus keep his sights on the big picture (his love for us and following God’s will), I’m sure he recognized God showing up through the other people along the way, too. Here are some things you can do to give and receive love during this season:

  • Words of Affirmation: Positive affirmations, journaling, keeping in touch with family and friends, sidewalk chalk or window messages, praising others (and your own) efforts as they navigate these changes, tell God “Thank you!” or “I love you!”
  • Works of Service: Make masks, volunteer at the Food Bank, Stay home, clean your house, declutter-just be sure to save any donations for when those places open again, rake a neighbor’s lawn, pick up their sticks or mow their lawn, fix a meal you/your family will enjoy
  • Quality Time: Spend 1:1 time with God, eat as a family-one person in my private Facebook group mentioned she was using zoom to connect and continue multi-household family dinners
  • Touch: Give yourself lots of hugs, if you have a spouse or family living with you give & receive lots of hugs, self massage or softly brush your arms, curl up in a cozy blanket, my mother-in-law kept one of my father-in-law’s sweaters and wears that frequently, connect your bare feet or hands to the earth (if weather permits), being mindful of shared spaces.
  • Gifts: Notice all the gifts of spring God is flooding us with! Smile at someone across the street or send smiles virtually. Notice how all the above can also be viewed as a gift, too.

Trust. It’s easier to trust when we know we are loved. Let’s remind ourselves how the love the Father, the Son and the Spirit have for each other and all of us was played out in these holy days. Let’s remember how Jesus turned to God, turned to Love and how God responded in Love, with Love. Trusting in God to provide us all we need. Maybe not exactly what we were thinking, but exactly what we need.

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