Finding Freedom in Praying Often, Eating Well & Moving More


July’s theme is Freedom. When I think of Freedom, many things come to mind. Obviously, I think of the 4th of July and the birth of our nation as we declared our independence over 200 years ago. (Not forgetting changes we still need to make to ensure freedom for all.) I also think of the Freedom we find when we fuel and move our body, mind and spirit according to God’s design by praying often eating well and moving more.

Finding Freedom in Food

Earlier this month, I ran a free Eat Well to Feel Well 5 Day Challenge in my private Facebook group. We had so many women realize they could change their relationship with food and learn to enjoy every bite (or drink) of summertime yumminess! I shared two strategies that changed my own relationship with food and have freed me up from the guilt and shame I harbored for years around my food choices.

The most impactful strategy was Mindful Eating. Slowing down to truly enjoy your food (or beverage) and savor every bite. In doing so, we end up eating less, especially those foods we know don’t support our bodies well. We free ourselves from the guilt and/or shame that comes with eating those foods.

I think Mindful Eating is so important I also include it in my paid programs, including my newest program I launched earlier this week, Finding Freedom in Food. One participant said she really felt like having a can of pop one day. She experimented with slowing down, savoring a few drinks, and found it easy to set the rest aside. She was satisfied and experienced more joy in drinking less.

These kinds of moments open our eyes to the fact that we can free ourselves from the chains tempting foods have on us. And the more we have these kinds of moments, the easier it is to find true freedom in food.

Finding Freedom in Movement

With many pools and gyms closing (or just not wanting to expose yourself by going there), many people are looking for other ways to move their bodies. Even though I prefer to move my body by myself, at home or on a trail where I can connect with God, I completely understand others’ dilemmas. Moving in the water is so much better for joints. Gyms make it super easy to hop on a bike or elliptical and bounce over to get some strength training in. Not to mention the camaraderie, accountability and uplifting atmosphere a spin, boot camp or yoga class provides.

Helping clients discover alternatives has been a real joy! They’ve been able to find freedom in movement by exploring different things such as

  • YouTube or on-line subscriptions offering qi-gong, zumba, line dancing or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
  • Walking or biking in their neighborhoods or local trails
  • Praying for neighbors as they walk by their house
  • Connecting to God as they walk, jog or bike along the nature trails
  • Walking with a friend, their spouse or children

They expressed a sense of freedom, being able to mix it up, not being bound to a certain time to move their body and easier to connect to God as they move through his creation.

Finding More in my Private Facebook Group

I cover these topics more in depth in my private Facebook group, Pray. Eat. Move. Transforming YOU! There’s no membership fee, just a group of supportive, encouraging women sharing tips, recipes and inspiration with each other to help us all enjoy the journey. I’m usually in there daily to check on things and I also do a live video on Tuesday afternoon with a different topic on ways you can pray often, eat well & move more.

Next week, I’ll share how we can find freedom inside the loving boundaries God gave us in the 10 Commandments. God, being the Creator, knows we feel good when we are close to him, hence the command to keep him #1 in our lives. He also knows we feel less than great when we ‘disobey’ these commands. By following these ‘rules’ we find true freedom from the stressors our everyday life impose on us. I’d love to have you join us! Click here to learn more.

We find freedom in praying often, eating well & moving more by fueling and moving our body, mind & spirit the way God designed us. Embracing these habits frees us up to live the happy, active, vibrant life we really want & God really wants for us!

How do you find freedom in praying often, eating well and/or moving more?

Leave a comment below or send me an email at I’m always on the lookout for more tips to share as we enjoy the journey!

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  1. Kris Lyons says:

    When I am committed to my meditation practice I feel freedom because I am able to be in the moment and I don’t get caught up in my head of all the things going around me that NEED to get done 🙂

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