There’s no denying it, 2021 was full of ups & downs for many of us. Collectively as well as individually. As one who tries to see the good (God) in everything, I want to share this little gratitude exercise Abbie Peterson shared with Guiding Star Cedar Valley Service Partners at our Quarterly Round Table meeting in November.

I once heard a National Geographic photographer say, “We’re told to go capture and share what’s right in the world.”

Our mind focuses on whatever we place our attention on. While I don’t want to downplay the struggles & challenges the last 2 years have brought, if we keep focusing on the problems all we’re going to have is problems.

Why not take a closer look and see the blessings? The opportunity to change things for the better.

Personally, I’ve had 4 family deaths in the last 4 months. An aunt, an uncle a cousin and my mother-in-law. If I continued to focus on the loss of their lives, I would keep noticing more loss, more lack, more sorrow.

But as I find myself taking the time to grieve well and turn those feelings over to God, I can see where he has blessed me in each of these circumstances. Namely, by getting to reconnect with family I haven’t seen in years. And in some cases, decades.

Choosing to be thankful for their life, also inspires me to live my life more fully. Make changes to become more of the happy, active, vibrant wife, mom, grandma, coach, volunteer, etc. God is calling me to be.

Maybe you’ve thought about making some changes in 2022. Taking time to be grateful will put you in the right frame of mind to find solutions and make the changes you want to make in the year ahead.

Gratitude Exercise

Write down 5 things you’re thankful for. Don’t think too much about it, just jot down the 1st 5 things that come to your mind.

Now, from that list, come up with one empowering word that sums it all up. Again, don’t think too much about it, what’s the 1st empowering, encouraging, supportive word that comes to mind.

Write your word on your choice: rock, paper, make it your phone wallpaper or computer screen saver – something you will physically look at and/or touch frequently.

When you see this word, pause to think about at least one thing you’re grateful for.

It may not be one of the 5 things you originally jotted down. In all actuality, it may be something new each time. It may be something simple as a ray of sunshine peeking through like God shining his light down on you to say, “Hi!” on a cloudy day. It could also be as large as having enough money and more to live comfortably as well as share your abundance with others.

Abbie had us write on a rock & encouraged us to keep it with us. My word was “Supported.” I try to carry in a pocket most days, or at least put it where I can see it. Like any new habit, it takes time to integrate.

It’s weight helps me feel grounded. Supported. Like I don’t have to hold myself up or together. I’m not alone, nor do I have to things alone. I have support to help me with whatever task I take on, and I am so grateful for that!

Start 2022 on Your Terms

Speaking of making changes in the new year….Are you ready to make 2022 your year? I’ve got a couple FREE offerings to help you make 2022 all you want it to be.

On January 4th, I’ll be at Guiding Star Cedar Valley 220 Southbrooke Drive in Waterloo, IA from 6:00 – 7:30 pm to share how you can use Journaling for Clarity, Motivation & Joy to Achieve Your Goals in 2022. This class is a free in-person only offering and will be geared more toward general goals.

There is no sign up, just come and be ready to discover clarity, motivation & joy to achieve your 2022 goals!

FREE Journaling for Clarity. Motivation & Joy to Reach Your Pray. Eat. Move. Goals in 2022 Workshop.

I’ve had some technical challenges with the sign ups for these 2 offerings, but instead of just not offering them, I’ve found ways to make them work. It will take longer to receive your confirmation email, but I can’t wait to share these journaling methods with you and have you see how powerful they are as you move forward on your Pray. Eat. Move. Journey!

  • When: January 5th at 2pm CST
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  • This FREE on-line only workshop will be geared more toward helping you achieve your health and wellness goals in 2022.
  • I’ll also share more information about my 6-week Pray. Eat. Move. Transforming YOU! on-line program that uses journaling to empower you to lead the happy, active, vibrant life God is calling you to by praying often, eating well & moving more.
  • Click on the link below to receive more details, your workbook as well as a reminder email before the workshop begins. (Remember it may take a day or more to receive your confirmation email-so the sooner you sign up the better!)

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