Easy 4th of July Picnic Snacks-Snack Picks

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With July 4th just around the corner and in the middle of the week, it may be difficult to plan & prepare snacks for your holiday outing.  Here’s an easy, quick snack idea that is sure to please everyone’s palate-Snack Picks.  Snacks on a toothpick!

There are endless ways to make these simple, delectable tidbits.  Take a toothpick and fill it with 2-4 bite-sized pieces of fruit, vegetables, cheese, or meats.  Just make sure the meat is cured, smoked or dried like meat sticks to prevent food-borne illness.  Cut Snacks into 1 inch chunks.  Then place each different Snack type in its own baggie or small container (semi-disposable plastic containers work great for this!)  Keep the Snacks in a cooler or chilled until they are ready to eat.

Snack Picks

Take a clean toothpick and fill it up with whatever you want by stabbing the foods to make a mini-kabob.  Toothpicks should only be used once and then thrown away to prevent spreading any illness.  Be sure to have plenty of toothpicks available.  I like to use an old grocery sack or a jelly jar with a hole poked in the lid designated for used Picks. Using Picks also prevents bare hands from touching the food.  Because, let’s be honest, when you’re on a picnic-who knows the last time hands have been washed (or if there’s water available for washing)!

Snack Pick Ideas

  • Meats: Summer sausage, beef sticks & jerky
  • Fruits: Melons, berries, pineapple chunks, Mandarin oranges & olives
  • Vegetables:  Cherry tomatoes, bell pepper chunks, pickles, cucumbers & zucchini
  • Cheese:  Any cheese that can be cut into cubes would work as would string cheese cut into chunks or fresh cheese curds
  • Local & Seasonal Food: Right now-Hansen’s Cheese Curds, Edgewood Locker’s Pork Sticks, strawberries, cherries, cucumbers, zucchini, raspberries, blackberries and sugar snap peas
  • In a few weeks there will also be cherry/grape tomatoes, melons, green beans and peppers

Snack Pick Ideas

One suggestion I would make is to stab any meat last.  The softer foods won’t move it very easily.

Try putting different foods together.  Get your salty/sweet fix with fruit and cheese or olives or meat sticks/jerky.  Have fun with it!  Kids and adults alike will love experimenting with the different taste combinations and everyone is sure to find something to please their palate.


What’s your favorite Snack Pick combination?


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  1. Jan onnen says:

    I love this idea since I have Grand kids and they are always hungry. Thank yiu

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