Tapping Into Gratitude: The People in Your Life


This month’s focus is on gratitude. Many times when we count our blessings (or those things we are grateful for), people often top the list. 

Why? Because God created us to live in community. To not only need him, but to need each other. 

Let’s take a moment to recall some of the people in your life, why you are grateful for them and how you can tap into that gratitude to help you move forward with your pray, eat, move goals.

Who are you grateful for?

No doubt you can list several people you consider blessings in your life. Parents, siblings, spouses, children, grandchildren, other family members, friends, co-workers, your priest, pastor or other members of your church community are all people most of us think of right off the bat.

As the list grows, we can also include the mail person, the people who grow and sell the food we eat, those who built your home, furniture, car, books and other possessions.

Mechanics, plumbers, HVAC professionals, road crews and other people who help keep our lives comfortable. There’s also teachers, coaches, support staff, cashiers, healthcare workers, truck drivers. And what about song composers, movie makers and authors?

All just the tip of the iceberg. Once you get going, you could go on for hours. But I think you get the idea.

Tap Into the Feeling

When you think about all those people, how they have blessed your life and thank the Lord for them, what do you feel?

A sense of joy? A sense of safety or security? The love & delight of God the Father who cares so much about you to bless you (his precious, beloved, chosen child) with all these people? Deep peace knowing you are well cared and provided for?

Gratitude can literally change your frame of mind and many counselors use it to help their clients with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. 

It can help you realize you are safe & secure in the moment so you can confidently take a step outside your comfort zone as you move forward.

Gratitude can help quell those uneasy feelings that cause you to reach for food or give you the courage to start that new workout routine.

Gratitude strengthens your connection to God. It dispels fears, doubts and other negative thought patterns, allowing you to see and focus on what is possible. 

And what a better place to start than by being thankful for the other people in your life? Who God also delights in as his precious, beloved, chosen children.

In Just 5 Minutes

Take 5 minutes and start jotting down all the people you are thankful for and why. Then take a few minutes more to jot down how that makes you feel.

Share your experience in the comments below or share with us in our Private Facebook Group! A place where you’ll find encouragement, inspiration and support on you pray often, eat well & move more. All to help you enjoy the journey!

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