Conversations With God: Inspriational Answers to Your Most Worrisome Challenges


The final journaling style I want to share with you in this series is my personal favorite and one I find the most powerful. Conversations with God encompasses most of the rest of the other kinds of journaling I’ve already shared with you. Fusing them all together in this single form has helped me take more steps forward than all the rest combined. It does take time, about 20-30 minutes a day, but it helps me come up with the most creative ideas to any given challenge I’m facing. I find this kind of journaling most effective when I do it every day, but don’t let that scare you away. Once or twice a week can also provide impressive results.

Jump-Start Your Day

I like to jump-start my day with a 2 page (minimum) Conversation with God. I start by thanking God for all he’s blessed me with along with my love and praise for him (Joy Journaling). Then, I spill any concerns, worries or problems onto the page (Daily Log) and ask for his help. This is where it gets interesting.

As I’m writing what I would like from God (strength, peace, direction, courage, etc.), a thought pops into my head–a Positive Affirmation of sorts (i.e. I trust God leads me in the right direction.) I write it 10 times with my non-dominant hand. Physically engaging both sides of the brain, almost every time I receive creative inspiration–the perfect answer to my prayers. By the time I switch back to my dominant hand, I’m rushing to get the idea down on paper. I wrap it up by rounding out how I’m going to execute the idea that day. I close with praise and thanksgiving as well as an enthusiastic Amen! and the motivation to hop to it! 

This is a spin off the Morning Pages Julia Cameron uses in The Artist’s Way where she encourages 3 written pages every day. I find 2 pages of smaller print works well for me and my schedule. It spurs creative problem solving, points me in the right direction and motivates me to work toward my goals with a renewed energy. Who wouldn’t want that kind of conversation with God every day? 

Taking Time to Save Time

Don’t be discouraged if the ideas don’t come to you right away. Part of the process is building this kind of connection to God. It took some time before I started seeing results. However, after taking time every day to have this intimate Conversation with God that incorporates my body, mind and spirit, I’ve tuned in to where God is leading me. Conversations with God are a way to open the channel and experience God through my physical body, my thoughts and my soul.

To some, this might sound a little ‘woo-woo.’ If you’re skeptical, it may not work well for you. Much like practicing the guitar without thinking you’ll get better at it. Success in anything largely depends on faith-belief it will work I’ve learned over the years, God works in mysterious ways. Don’t knock it til you give it an honest effort. God has given us so many tools and opportunities to experience him and his love, this is just one.

I’ve busted through many barriers with these Conversations with God. I’m currently using it to receive creative inspiration as I write, coach and build a 12-week on-line program to help others pray often, eat well and move more (launching soon!) Although, I still use it at least once a week to help me work through a health-related concern (usually finding time to move my body.) Yes, there is a small time investment on the front end, but I save so much time when I’m led to the perfect answer rather than spend hours searching for it.

What challenge would you like to find the perfect answer to? Try Conversations with God & let me know how it turns out!

It’s easy to use the Pray. Eat. Move. Journal to have your own Conversations with God. Write on both pages and before you know it, you’ll find yourself gliding easily and joyfully through your challenges. For more information on journaling check out my posts on Daily Logs and Joy Journaling, Church Notes as well as my free Guide to Journaling: Connecting With God & Improve Your Health.

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