It is a foggy, still fall morning where I am at.  A perfect day to snuggle in and make some soup.  Here is a recipe for a butternut squash chili that I love to make.  It uses vegetables that are plentiful this time of year and could be switched up a little to give it an extra kick if desired.

I made a huge crock pot of this and gave out samples at the College Hill Farmer’s Market in Cedar Falls a few weeks ago-and didn’t take any home!  Many were skeptical about combining tomatoes with the squash but came back for seconds!

This particular recipe has no meat or beans in it and is not spicy hot as some chili’s are.  I personally like to add 1-1&1/2 pounds of ground meat to it (chorizo works great) as well as some red pepper flakes or cayenne seasoning.  The sweet potatoes or other winter squash such as buttercup or delicotta could also be used instead of the butternut-but I love the taste of butternut and that’s what we have on hand.


Butternut Squash Chili

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