Best Burgers in LaCrosse

I’ve previously mentioned I have several food allergies.  For the past 8 years, I’ve been going to Allergy Associates of LaCrosse to help me figure out a path to better health.  I am happy to say I’m finally starting to tolerate some foods my body has not liked in several years!  And it is an objectively measured improvement.  One of the best things about my bi-annual trip to LaCrosse is eating at Burger Fusion.

Burger fusion

Burger Fusion-they know burgers!

Burger Fusion is a little restaurant in Valley View Mall.  It’s technically in Onalaska, but its all a part of the LaCrosse Metro area.  Located in the food court, they have their own space with walls and even an outdoor dining area for summertime.  They specialize in mixing or fusing different meats together with a variety of toppings for an explosion of flavor that keeps people coming back for more.

My husband usually goes with me to LaCrosse and we make a long weekend out of it.  A few years ago, a friend of mine discovered Burger Fusion when I brought her along for a some much needed friend time.  She explored the mall while I was at my appointment (which typically takes 2 or more hours-they are very thorough!).  Knowing I am careful about what I eat, she noticed Burger Fusion make things from scratch and they had many menu items I would enjoy.  Since then, Burger Fusion has been the place we go to top off a great weekend in LaCrosse.

On the Menu

Burger Fusion has a variety of meats one can enjoy fused or alone.  They include: 100% Angus ground beef, pork, turkey, bacon, ham or chicken breast.  They used to have ground camel meat on Wednesdays, too.  Burger Fusion also offers a meatless, black bean veggie burgers as well as combo specials, but I usually order the build your own.  I start out with turkey, forgo the bun (they have many to choose from, even a gluten free option), and then pile on the toppings.

Build your own turkey burger

I built my own turkey burger with caramelized onions, tomatoes, jalepeno peppers with avocado sauce, leaf lettuce and the best sweet potato fries anywhere.

This time I chose caramelized onions, tomato, jalepeno peppers and bacon with a side of avocado spread (guacamole).  I paired it with their awesometastic sweet potato fries.  Now, I love sweet potato fries, but Burger Fusion fries them just right.  Crunchy and crispy, yet tender on the inside.  I have a hard time making them like that at home, but Burger Fusion does it to perfection every time.  I lingered over my meal and savored every bite even though we were hoping to beat the wintery mixed precipitation on the way home.

Oktoberfest burger

Oktoberfest Burger Combo at Burger Fusion, Valley View Mall, Onalaska, WI

My husband ordered the Oktoberfest special and raved about it.  He even sent a picture to his brother who likes to cook.  The burger was a fusion of beef, bacon and Black Forest Ham with sauerkraut and caramelized onions between a pretzel bun.  I must be rubbing off on him, because I see he ordered sweet potato fries as well.

Burger Fusion also has a place in the Holiday Inn of Downtown LaCrosse.  They have all the great options of the mall store, but also serve breakfast every day and have over 10 beers on tap, wine and a full bar to offer patrons.  Sometime, we’ll have to try this location.  It was named Best Burger in LaCrosse County 3 years in a row-and for good reason.

Superb Customer Service

Best burger

Best burger in LaCrosse County, WI for a reason!

Another reason I like Burger Fusion is for their customer service.  Not only do they serve great food, they know what’s in it, how it’s made and answer questions with a smile.  As someone who has likes to feel good and likes my food to taste good, I ask a lot of questions.  If the person at the counter can’t answer them, the cooks can and want to make sure I’m happy and feel good.  They realize that’s what keeps people coming back and telling others about the Best Burger in LaCrosse County.

Burger Fusion inspires me to be creative in my own cooking.  In previous posts, I’ve said everything tastes better with bacon.  I usually make single meat burgers, but I think I’m going to have to try fusing some bacon, ham or even brat into the mix.  I’m getting hungry for grilling season!

How do you like your burgers?
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  1. Kris Lyons says:

    I Love Love Love a good burger place!!
    Awesome review, I hope you got a discount for this 🙂
    I like to fuse venison and beef when I make my burgers, sometimes adding pork and cheese when I’m feeling crazy. I will also add zucchini or spinach to confuse the kids…fresh herbs are always a nice addition.
    Can’t wait to try Burger Fusion!

    • admin says:

      No discount, but that won’t keep us away. 🙂 I love the idea of fusing veggies and herbs into the burger! I’ll have to try the spinach-extra calcium and iron.

      Thanks for sharing!

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