Conversations With God: Inspriational Answers to Your Most Worrisome Challenges

The final journaling style I want to share with you in this series is my personal favorite and one I find the most powerful. Conversations with God encompasses most of the rest of the other kinds of journaling I’ve already shared with you. Fusing them all together in this single form has helped me take more steps forward than all the rest combined. It does take time, about 20-30 minutes a day, but it helps me come up with the most creative ideas to any given challenge I’m facing. I find this kind of journaling most effective when I do

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Church Journals: Love Notes From God

A few years ago, I read a book by Matthew Kelly who highly recommends keeping a mass journal. It wasn’t the 1st time I was exposed to the concept, but being a college student at the time, I could relate to it. I go to church every week to get nourished, to listen to God’s word, sing his praises, commune with others and hear what the priest, deacon or pastor (depending on where I happen to attend) says during their homily or sermon. The whole service, whether it’s mass or other church service is like going to class. It’s intention

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Positive Affirmations: Giving Ourselves the Thumbs-Up We Need to Move Forward

Another form of journaling that propels us toward God and toward our goals is Positive Affirmations. Much like Joy Journaling, they are a positive, encouraging force that mobilize us into action. I personally use this every day and will share why it works and how I do it. I’ll also share super simple ways you can implement this practice in just a few minutes a day. So what are they? Positive Affirmations are positive statements and feelings that reflect a current positive truth about ourselves or one we’re working on. They are: Written in 1st person and present tense (I

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Joy Journaling: Motivation to Move Forward

I first heard of Joy Journaling during my health coach training 3 years ago. One of my practice partners explained it to me during a practice session. She’d previously used this technique and wanted to get back in the routine of using again. In other words, make it a habit. Something a good coach help their clients achieve. Joy–being a fruit of the Holy Spirit, made me eager to learn more and help her find a way to make it a routine part of her day. She explained how, as an Occupational Therapy student, she was stressed. Pressed for time

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Journaling-A Daily Log: The Key to Better Health

Journaling.  It’s become a big buzz word in the stress management and personal development communities over the last decade or so, but has been around for centuries.  There are several health benefits to journaling and numerous ways to approach it. So many, in fact, I’ve created the Pray. Eat. Move Journal, Journal Guide and 7-Day Challenge (launching soon!) to jump-start your efforts to pray often, eat well and move more. I’m running a series of posts about different kinds of journaling, what it can do for you, how to do it, barriers people face (me included), as well as how

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Balance-Trusting in God

As we wrap up the Octave of Easter and Earth Week, I am reminded again of the delicate balance it takes for any living thing to not only survive, but thrive. Just like nature, we need all the seasons, all kinds of weather and complete trust in God to guide us on our journey. Spring has Sprung-Reaching Toward God This last week, spring has sprung in a burst of new growth and new life. The trees are leafing out. The wooded floors are errupting with shoots and dotted with color. The ewes and sows are giving birth. The robins are

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Moving through Holy Week as Jesus Prays, Eats, Moves and is Transformed

Learning about, creating and maintaining healthy habits such as praying often, eating well and moving more can transform our health, finances, relationships and general outlook on life.  Moving into Holy Week, I help but notice how my new program, Pray. Eat. Move. Transforming YOU! embodies several aspects of the next several days.  As we walk with Jesus this week, notice how he prays, eats, moves and is eventually transformed into something beyond our wildest dreams.   Eating Well My program starts with praying often, as our #1 priority should be to pray. Connecting with God at all times keeps things in perspective

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woman and children dancing

Exercise vs. Body Movement

Exercise. We all know we should. We all know it’s been proven to help prevent a myriad of dis-ease. We all know how we feel when we do it regularly. We feel guilty and defeated when we don’t do it. We feel guilty and overwhelmed when we think about making sure we get it in daily. Who has time? Or the energy? So many negative and limiting beliefs about the word or concept of ‘exercise’. What if we thought of exercise as body movement instead? Body Movement Body movement opens up a whole new set of possibilities. Movement implies positive change,

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apple blossoms

Announcing Spring: Change is Coming

Spring Cantatas and Apple Tree Memories Over the last few days, I’ve noticed God is announcing Spring with resounding trumpets.  The beautiful songs of the red-winged black birds, robins and mourning doves are gracing my mornings with their melodies.  It’s a welcome change, announcing more changes are coming.  The days are getting longer and warmer, the snow is melting, and our gravel road is as muddy and rutty as any in the developing countries I’ve been in.  The seasons are changing. We’re getting ready to embrace new life in both the earth as well as spiritually during lent. Yes, Spring

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Embracing 3 Biblical Truths to Create Healthier Habits

Over the last several months, I’ve been a new business, Wellness Connections.  A service offering Christian-based health and wellness education & coaching.  As a nurse and coach, I know 1st hand what praying often, eating well and moving more can have on overall health and wellbeing.  Habits proven to reduce stress and prevent a myriad of other disease in our bodies.

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