Goal Evaluation Tips to Help You Run Towards Something Better

Evaluation. Ugh. I know it’s important, but in our crank-it-out productivity culture, I don’t want to take the time to do it. Like so many of us, I just want to think about how things went (usually while I am doing the next thing) and move on. However, I also know that rarely works well. By taking a little time to really look at and celebrate what went well & why, and objectively look at what didn’t go well & why, we break free of the same mistakes that keep us stuck. I’m going to walk you through a situation

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Goal Tips: 7 Tips to ensure you cross the line into health & well-being

Goals. It’s a huge buzz word in the self-improvement world and most of us (me included) think we don’t really need them to achieve the results we desire. The truth is, when we don’t have a target to aim at, how can we expect to hit it? Most of us have big, overarching goals and that is awesometastic. But it’s the little goals we use to get there are just as important to think about, create and carry out. It’s these little goals, or steps that help us create the lasting habits that will, in turn, lead us to our

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Quieting the Mind with Guided Meditations

“I’ve got too many things on my mind to even think about quiet prayer time with God!” This is a common theme I hear as I ask my clients about their prayer habits. And it used to be true for me too. Over the years, with intentional practice, I’ve been able to quiet my mind down enough to have a few quiet moments with God every day. My favorite time is at sunrise or sunset. Guided meditations have been instrumental in giving me a reprieve from my racing thoughts, allowing my mind to tune into God and his peace. Quieting

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Switching up Cucumber Salad with Sour Cream

It’s that time of year. Gardens are abundant with cucumbers, zucchini, green beans and soon-tomatoes. People are always asking me what I do with these vegetables to break up the monotony and not eat the same thing day after day. I’m one of those cooks who rarely follows a recipe anymore–taking my dad’s advice to dump, add, mix & pour. I’ve taken this approach as I write the recipe for our local dairy’s e-Moosletter. The results are usually pretty good, and even though I can’t personally taste test it (dairy doesn’t agree with me), my husband loves being the guinea

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Praying Often to Experience Joy & Improve Your Health

Many times we think our different parts (our mind, body and spirit) as separate, unconnected. We don’t realize how we feel in one area affects the others. But they do! They are as intimately connected as our fingers are to our hands. So it makes sense that improving our spiritual health by praying often can overhaul our emotional and physical health, too. So how does praying often, connecting to God make such a difference in our physical and emotional health? By creating joy. When we show up day after day, strengthening our ties to God, he rewards us by showering

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Balancing Martha & Mary

Taking time to be joyfully, thankfully just sitting with and serving God and others. That’s what today’s readings were all about. That’s what Pray. Eat. Move. is all about. Yes, we are called to serve, just like Martha in today’s gospel. But without recharging like Mary does at Jesus’ feet, we become discouraged & burned out. We don’t see the fruits of our labor – or (as Fr. David said today) that our work even has merit. Without recharging, we become shriveled. Unable to keep up with our responsibilities to ourselves and others. Balancing Martha and Mary (serving and recharging)

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church decorated for Pentecost

Fanning our Spiritual Flames as we Celebrate Birthdays.

Today is my grandson’s 1st birthday. Looking back over the last year, I am cognizant of how much joy he has brought to my life. Every time I think of him (and especially when I spend time with him) I am awash with pure, unhindered, unconditional love. I think this must be a glimpse of what God feels for us and what God wants for us here on earth. This past weekend I celebrated 2 birthdays, my grandson’s (a few day early) and Pentecost, the church’s birthday. I find it interesting how these 2 celebrations are so different and yet

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National Pizza Day

My dad called last night. I love our conversations. I always feel special when I learn something new or we chuckle over memories of days gone by. He was curious about how much rain we received and to catch up over the last week. Recounting his day with mom, he shared it was National Pizza Day. It brought a smile to my face-and inspiration for this post. Who doesn’t love pizza? And there are so many ways to enjoy pizza, meat, veggies, fruit, breakfast, cheese, dessert…. The possibilities are endless! Growing up, I remember the frozen party pizzas with the

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Conversations With God: Inspriational Answers to Your Most Worrisome Challenges

The final journaling style I want to share with you in this series is my personal favorite and one I find the most powerful. Conversations with God encompasses most of the rest of the other kinds of journaling I’ve already shared with you. Fusing them all together in this single form has helped me take more steps forward than all the rest combined. It does take time, about 20-30 minutes a day, but it helps me come up with the most creative ideas to any given challenge I’m facing. I find this kind of journaling most effective when I do

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Church Journals: Love Notes From God

A few years ago, I read a book by Matthew Kelly who highly recommends keeping a mass journal. It wasn’t the 1st time I was exposed to the concept, but being a college student at the time, I could relate to it. I go to church every week to get nourished, to listen to God’s word, sing his praises, commune with others and hear what the priest, deacon or pastor (depending on where I happen to attend) says during their homily or sermon. The whole service, whether it’s mass or other church service is like going to class. It’s intention

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