Respecting Yourself and Your Body to Reach Your Health & Wellness Goals

Monday, I tried to apply Dr. Emerson & Sarah Eggerichs’ teachings on Love & Respect to our lives in a video for my private Facebook group. What I really wanted to convey was how women and men differ in how they operate, what their needs are, how we compliment and lift each other up based on our need for love or respect and then how can we apply that to our own Lenten journey. I’ve decided to let the Eggrich’s talk about the message God commissioned them to share and focus on what God is calling me to share. Self-Respect

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Using the 5 Love Languages to Pray, Eat & Move During Lent

I’ve been focusing on Love throughout February. I planned to talk about Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages, but one of my private Facebook members wanted some ideas to do things during Lent instead of the don’t do things many of us were traditionally raised with. I thought why not combine them? We’ll explore what the 5 Love Languages are, how they relate to different relationships you have (including yourself, your body & God) as well as some ideas you add to your Lenten journey as you pray often, eat well & move more. I remember the first time I read

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Loving Your Body: The Key to Creating Habits that Stick

Tis the month of Love! And that’s what I’m focusing on. Very similar to joy, Iove is maybe a little more subdued, more of feeling of safety, acceptance, cared for. When I feel loved, I experience joy! And when I experience joy, so many good things happen! There are many aspects to love. I’m going to focus on how loving ourselves and our bodies helps us create the change we are looking for when as we strive to pray often, eat well & move more. The 2nd and 3rd pillars of my program relate to this concept. Jesus said, “And

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How to Make Light Work for You and Your Body

The people who have walked in darkness have seen a great light. Isaiah 9:1a This past Sunday’s readings were all about light. Imagine that. Maybe it’s the church’s way of letting those of us in the Northern Hemisphere know Christ and his light are always here for us. And that the days are getting longer! We frequently hear about light in a spiritual context, but light is also a requirement for our physical health, too. Yes, we do need the light of Christ, but light also affects our physical health. Most of us don’t get the right kinds of light

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Lightening up and Keeping it Simple-Eating Well in 2020

It’s no secret, I LOVE sunsets (and sunrises!) The beauty God displays makes me stop in my tracks. The windows above our kitchen sink face west, so I get to see some spectacular views as I’m making, eating or cleaning up supper. This particular view was eye-opening. Note how the sun, even as it’s sinking is shooting a brilliant column of light to the heavens. The brightest form of energy in our universe giving glory to God. It made me think of simple ways to give glory to God by taking better care of our bodies with our food choices–without

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A New Year, New Vision to Light the Way

A people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; for those dwelling in a land of deep gloom, a light has shone. Isaiah 9:1 It’s a new year and I’ve been doing a lot of evaluation, assessment and planning for the coming year. I’ve decided to do monthly themes, and I’ve deemed January 2020’s theme is Light. Light has many aspects, including good vision to see where we need to make changes, lighting up a path for us to follow to make those changes enjoyable, as well as how Light fits into ways you can pray often, eat

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Gluten Free Bread & the Gluten Free Craze

My daughter, Amanda, works at Hansen’s Dairy in Cedar Falls. She said a regular customer came in asking if they carried any gluten-free bread. She replied that they do not carry any, but I had a recipe for the best gluten-free bread she’s ever had. Growing up with me as a mom, she had the opportunity to try several kinds!)  I told Amanda I’d share the recipe on my website to make it easy for anyone to access. Now, I admit, there is a gluten-free craze going on as well as a dairy, egg, nightshade, lectin, meat, sugar-free, etc., too. Yes,

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Gaudete Sunday-Rejoicing in Holiday Food Choices

(Hint: It’s not sugar) I seem to do it every year. Sometimes more than once a year. And usually this time of year. You’d think after a decade, I’d just not do it. But, I’m human. And sugar is soooooo addictive. Yep, you heard me right-addictive. Just like alcohol, nicotine and meth. There are some studies that suggest sugar is just as or even more addictive than cocaine. While I can’t attest to the nicotine, meth or cocaine, I do have experience in breaking the glass of wine (or 2) every evening habit. And the sugar lesson….. Let’s just say

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2nd Week of Advent~Peace

I’ve received so much JOY from all of you and reading what has brought you joy the last week or so during the Advent JOY Challenge. It’s inspired me to create a new little corner in my office where I can journal and it brings me joy just to look at it. However, joy didn’t necessarily jump out at me with this Sunday’s mass readings–it was more Peace. Thinking about it, peace is really what we’re striving for. Peace can also be termed the opposite of fear, chaos and dis-ease. Eating Well & Moving Move Brings Peace In terms of

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Advent Joy Challenge-A Joyful Start to the New Year!

Happy New Year! What!?!?! No, it’s not 2020 yet, but Advent is the start of the church’s liturgical year. An opportunity to start over, taking a look at our habits, creating new ones to connect with Jesus. This Advent I want to focus on joy. Christmas is going to arrive in a few short weeks, and with all the hustle and bustle of the season, it’s hard to find joy. Why not intentionally look for it and roll into Christmas Day feeling more of God’s Joy? This Sunday’s readings were all about rejoicing-feeling joy in the moment. Isaiah beckons us

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