Balancing Martha & Mary

Taking time to be joyfully, thankfully just sitting with and serving God and others. That’s what today’s readings were all about. That’s what Pray. Eat. Move. is all about.

Yes, we are called to serve, just like Martha in today’s gospel. But without recharging like Mary does at Jesus’ feet, we become discouraged & burned out. We don’t see the fruits of our labor – or (as Fr. David said today) that our work even has merit. Without recharging, we become shriveled. Unable to keep up with our responsibilities to ourselves and others.

Balancing Martha and Mary (serving and recharging) means finding joy in our service. Taking a moment to realize the good (God) in everything and everyone we encounter. Giving God praise and thanksgiving when it seems like all we do is run.

A few moments of 1:1 time with the Lord can make all the difference. Giving ourselves time to remember what really makes us feel good in the long run provides us the strength to make it happen. It helps us make better food and movement choices as well as helps us speak lovingly to others. Making everyone’s day more joyful – including yours!

When do you find your quiet time to recharge with Him?

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