As we wrap up the Octave of Easter and Earth Week, I am reminded again of the delicate balance it takes for any living thing to not only survive, but thrive. Just like nature, we need all the seasons, all kinds of weather and complete trust in God to guide us on our journey.

Spring has Sprung-Reaching Toward God

This last week, spring has sprung in a burst of new growth and new life. The trees are leafing out. The wooded floors are errupting with shoots and dotted with color. The ewes and sows are giving birth. The robins are hatching. I’m witnessing new life everywhere I turn.

The sun has been thawing the earth with longer days, inviting my bare feet to make contact with it again. The rain, lightning and thunder driving nitrogen into the soil, vividly greening up the grass. The flowers unfolding. All this new growth stretching upward, heavenward.

Faith and Trust that God will Provide as Seasons Change

So too, all throughout Lent and now the Easter Season, our hearts open up, stretching toward God. Yearning for his light, love, joy, strength, courage, hope, peace we reach out to him. The more we reach, the more he provides. We just need the faith to keep reaching, trusting he will keep providing. It may not be exactly what we’re looking for. He may send snow (like we saw yesterday!) when we ask for moisture-but it is exactly what we need to lead a happy, balanced life. Yesterday’s snow was short-lived and stuck to the north side of the posts! Dad always said that means it’s the last snow of the season–I’d be OK with that! It also made the vibrant, pink sunset all the more dazzling to behold.

“Hearts unfold like flowers before Thee”

Trusting God in My Own Life

Over the last few years, I’ve learned to trust God more and more to lead me. Trust him more and more when he calls me to do something, or ivites me to rest. Lately, I’ve been relying him to guide my thoughts, actions and words as I coach clients, write posts and now as I’m getting ready to launch new offerings. The devotion & gospel reflection I read yesterday basically told me, “Go & Tell!” A command I can’t ignore, but need courage to carry out. In opening my heart to God, asking for courage, I’ve received inspiration and encouragement; giving me the courage to open my petals and share more with you. Just like the flowers and animals, I trust God will provide what I need. I just need to keep opening my heart to him and let him guide me where he wants me to go.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing with you a powerful tool I’ve learned and used to transform my own spiritual and physical health. Best of all, it’s something you can do yourself from the comfort of your own home. I’ll also be sharing more about the Pray. Eat. Move. 7-Day Challenge and my 12-week program, the Pray. Eat. Move. Transforming YOU!

How has trusting God made a difference in your life?

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