Last week I hinted at an upcoming post on Bacon Wrapped Asparagus–well here it is.  These spears are a hot ticket item right now.  Asparagus season is only a few short weeks before the plant ferns out to replenish itself for the next growing season.  As a perennial, it’s one of the 1st crops to push through the soil after the long winter months and can be fixed in a variety of ways.

asparagus spears in the garden

1st asparagus spears up in the garden

Before we started growing and selling produce at our local markets, there were several vegetables I either never tried or thought I did not like.  Asparagus was one of them.  I remember trying it a few times, but it was always canned or cooked until it was mush.  A few years into growing it, I became curious as to why so many people paid top dollar for the fresh spears every week.

Asparagus Cooking Tips

As I learned with most food, one needs to know how to cook it.  I remember reading asparagus tastes the best when it is cooked the same day it is picked.  So, one day, I picked and steamed some adding a little butter, salt and pepper.  It was delicious!  Over the last 15 years, I’ve experimented with different ways to make these spring shoots an easy, tasty treat.

asparagus in tub

1st asparagus of the season, washed, cut and ready to go

As you can tell from my other posts, I like to cook with bacon.  Bacon can be a way to introduce vegetables to people who may otherwise shy away from vegetables.  It’s also an easy way to make a complete meal in without taking the time to cook several different things.

I  like keeping things super simple and not take the the entire evening to prepare a meal.  I think I spent 10 minutes picking, washing and wrapping this asparagus before placing it in the oven.  Using the oven, I caught up on the mail, unpacked my suitcase, started laundry, unloaded & reloaded the dishwasher, showered, and got ready for the next day.  All while it was roasting–that’s what I call multitasking.

Endless possibilities

raw asparagus and Beelers bacon

Asparagus ready to be wrapped in Beelers bacon

There are many other ways to fix asparagus: steam, stir fried, roasted without bacon, add cheese or butter.  The possibilities are endless!  One of my other favorites is to boil asparagus with onions in some water until they are soft.  Then blend the mixture until it turns into a smooth purred soup.  This last one is especially good on a cool rainy day (I’m sure we’ll still have a few in May!).

Finished bacon wrapped asparagus

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus-ready to Enjoy!

This bacon recipe says it serves 2-6 people.  Since it was all Dave & I had for supper, it served 2.  Lots of times, we would have had 1-2 bunches left over for another meal, but since it was the 1st asparagus of the season (and it was finger-lickin’ good!) we ate it all.  However, this could be served as a side with other meats or vegetables to serve more people.  Now that most of the Farmer’s Markets are open, asparagus should be readily available.  You may have to get there early as these coveted spears usually sell out quickly.

How do you like your asparagus?  Share in the comments below!
Recipe for Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Recipe


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