About Me

Hi!  My name is Julie.  Welcome to Good Food Connections where people are connected to good food and the people who produce it.

I am a wife, mother and registered nurse and love to eat! I have many food allergies and intolerances and have learned to cook everything from scratch.

Time is a precious commodity and I would rather be outside than spending time inside the kitchen.  Over the years, I’ve discovered just how easy it is to make food that not only tastes good, but is also good for you.  I’ve also had many complements on the food I share with others.  I want to connect you with the same easy recipes I use to make mouth watering dishes sure that are sure to please.

As a former farmer’s market vendor, I am still an avid local foods supporter. While my husband & I grow many of the vegetables (and some of the meat) you’ll see in these recipes, we also shop our local markets.  I enjoy hearing the stories about where my food comes from and forming relationships with producers.  Its these connections that give life to the food we eat and create bonds of thankfulness for the gift food truly is.

It is my hope you enjoy the recipes and the stories behind them.

Julie, the Garden RN