5 Easy Ways to Get Your Water In This Holiday Season


We’ve all heard it, drink 8 – 8oz glasses of water every day. But what if you don’t drink water? Don’t like the taste? Only like it cold? Hot? Or only when it’s super hot outside?

A couple weeks ago I shared how praying often, eating well & moving more can help you stay healthy any time of year, but especially this time of year. (You can read more about that here.) Today, I want to share some more about why you need to drink clear, plain water and how you can easily make sure you’re getting enough every day.

God designed our bodies to need water, just like they need real, whole food. Yet, how many of us actually wet our whistle with clear, plain water? Or get enough fluids in general?

Water is central to life. Biologically, water makes up about 60 – 70% of our bodies. When we don’t get enough water, things just don’t work right. They become sluggish, dry and can make life downright miserable at best. As someone who generally feels cold all the time, I find when I drink enough water, my hands & feet stay warmer. Adequate water intake is also good to help keep you cool if you tend to run on the warm side – and is great to prevent or lessen hot flashes.

This time of year is especially hard with all the fancy beverages that go along with holiday celebrations. It can be challenging to to find plain ol’ water at holiday parties and get-togethers. But with a little planning & courage to ask, you can make it happen. Leaving you feeling better, not just that evening, but in the days & weeks to come.

Here’s a few strategies my clients & I have found helpful.

Hot Water

If you’re like me and relish the feel of a hot mug in your hands. Try sipping on hot water instead of fancy coffees, spiced or mulled cider, hot cocoa or other hot toddies. Your body will appreciate the extra warmth and snuggled in feeling without the effects of extra sugar or alcohol. I’ve found, many restaurants are happy to bring a mug of hot water, especially if they serve coffee or tea. I even like to take a mug of hot water into the living room to sip on while I’m watching TV with my Favorite Handyman.

Carry a Glass of Water

Keep a glass or goblet of water with you as you socialize at get togethers. You’ll not only get your water in, you won’t be drinking a lot of extra sugar that will bog you down later. Holding a glass of water also gives your hands something to do instead of reaching for another cookie, stuffed mushroom or other appetizer. You’ll find yourself filling up on water instead of all those rich sweets or other foods you know your body won’t won’t like later on.

Use a Straw

They’re not just for kids. Soft drink companies know we drink more when we sip through a straw. That’s why fountain pop is served with a straw. Many water bottles have straws, but you can also purchase reusable stainless steel washable straws to use at home or work. I’ve even seen Mason jars lids with holes in them to accommodate a straw. Which brings me to….

Mason Jars

I like to carry extra water with me in a quart Mason jar when I’m on the road, even if it’s just running errands in town. That way I always have plenty of water on hand to refill my water bottle. I also don’t feel guilty for purchasing water at the store. To make sure it doesn’t spill in the car, I either use the metal ring & lid it came with, or a no-leak plastic lid. Just be sure to take the jar out of the car in the winter, or the water will freeze.

This is also a great strategy to use in the summer, when you want to avoid drinking out of plastic water bottles that may have been heated in a hot car.

Make it Fun

Make yourself check-list boxes and cross off glasses of water, ounces or however you want to measure your water intake throughout the day. Celebrate your success with smiley faces, stars, stickers – whatever makes you happy. At the end of the day, smile & thank yourself for getting your water in.

Bonus Strategy-Infuse it

Maybe drinking plain water all day is too much of a stretch for you. That’s OK. Take it in steps. Infuse your water with a lemon or orange slice. You could also add a drop of food grade essential oil or a squirt from one of those little bottles of flavors in the juice aisle. Herbal teas are another great option.

As a special treat, I like Zevia pop or flavored seltzer waters (My favorite is LaCroix Key Lime.)

Now don’t think I only drink water. I do enjoy a couple cups of dark roast decaf every morning (and one when I meet up with a friend or client at a local coffee shop). I also enjoy my herbal teas, a tulsi-moringa blend as well as a cranberry-licorice blend. But I do try to get at least 32 oz of plain water in every day.

Why? Because I feel better when I do. My body & brain just function better. I choose to feel well. Therefore, I eat & drink what makes me feel well.

My body doesn’t like alcohol, caffeine or a lot of sugar so I’ve gotten comfortable seeking out and/or asking for water. The only time I get raised eyebrows is when I ask for water with no ice. I only like cold water when I’ve been outside in the heat.

The Lamb who is at the center of the throne will lead them to the springs of the waters of life.

Revelations 7:17

Different people require different starting points. I once interviewed a man who told me if he could start his day out with water instead of pop, That was all he needed to make healthier choices throughout the day. He ate more real, whole food and he almost always moved his body too. But when he started his day out with pop or juice, he didn’t do other things he knew were better for him. Water worked for him.

Maybe water is your starting point to creating the happy, active vibrant life God is calling you to. Your body is a Temple of God’s Holy Spirit. God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit lives inside you – with you! What is that little voice inside you, that part of you always connected to God, encouraging you to do with water this holiday season?

Is there a strategy to drink more water you’d like to try? Or is God inspiring you with another idea? I invite you to experiment with it & let us know how it went in the comments below. Your comment may be the spark someone else needs and help us all

Enjoy the Journey!

Is there a habit (or a few) you’d like to create and maintain long-term? Or maybe you want to create a strategy to kick off 2022 on your terms with a plan that works for you, because it’s designed for you. I’d love to help you create that plan and discover the best strategies to make it happen for you. Click on the link below to schedule a time to see how working with me can help you reach your goals and lead the happy, active, vibrant life God is calling you to!

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