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I’ve received so much JOY from all of you and reading what has brought you joy the last week or so during the Advent JOY Challenge. It’s inspired me to create a new little corner in my office where I can journal and it brings me joy just to look at it. However, joy didn’t necessarily jump out at me with this Sunday’s mass readings–it was more Peace. Thinking about it, peace is really what we’re striving for. Peace can also be termed the opposite of fear, chaos and dis-ease.

Eating Well & Moving Move Brings Peace

In terms of health and disease, there are so many things we can do to promote peace in our bodies, minds and spirits. Crowding out the sugar, pop, lattes, pasta, breads, potatoes and cereals with adequate amounts of protein, lots of vegetables, healthy fats and plain ol’ water – all the good things God give us – brings peace to our bodies. Allows them to work like God designed them to with ease (not disease).

Peace can also come about through body movement. Moving our bodies helps us move nutrients to where they need to go and helps us eliminate wastes. And not just what ends up in the toilet. Body movement helps us release tension, stress, anger, fears and doubts all of us seem to be plagued with. People who move their bodies regularly have less disease than those who are sedentary. More peace.

Peace in the Moment

For peace in the moment, we have to call on Jesus, the Prince of Peace. We have to be willing to receive Jesus. Just like it’s ultimately up to me what I put in my mouth or how I move (or not move) my body, I can’t rely on others to bring me peace. Yet how many of us expect others to do (or quit doing) something, thinking it will bring us peace? I know I like to give and receive love by words of affirmation, so I have find myself constantly seeking approval and validation from others. It’s really only since I’ve chosen to live out my faith (not just checking boxes by saying my prayers or going to church) by connecting to God that I’ve actually felt a sense of deep, lasting peace.

It’s through this lasting peace where we can make healthier decisions, too. We feed our bodies, not our fears. We move our bodies out of love for them, instead of punishment. We learn to pause, take a step back, a deep breath (or several!) and tune into God, asking for and receiving his peace. It takes practice, but it’s totally worth it.

Tell me how you bring more peace into your life?

Have you joined the Advent JOY Challenge yet? It’s not too late and super simple. Just name 1 thing every day that brought you joy, made you smile or you were thankful for. As a words of affirmation person, I love seeing your comments here, on Facebook and Instagram! Not only do they bring me more joy, you’re sharing it with so many others too!

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